Too much technology

Sorry for the bare boned look, please check back soon for what will (hopefully!) be a prettied up blog.  I’m also going to bypass the whole awkward introductory post.  Check out the about me… in a few days… to get the basics of my life/blog.

Rock and Roll Savannah is TOMORROW and I get butterflies just thinking about it!! I’m so excited that I couldn’t even focus what to pack this morning.  I had my race outfit set out but couldn’t think of anything else that I’ll need for the weekend.  Poor Brice may end up just running around in his diaper because I don’t even know if I packed properly for him! I am as trained up as I can possibly be and I’m feeling good that I will see a 1 as the first number on my finish time! My super awesome husband surprised me yesterday and bought me this cute Smart Wool headband.  It’ll serve dual purposes to keep my hair out of  my face but will also keep my ears nice and toasty because it’s going to be chilly in the morning!

ecardThis is a false statement!!

I had a little panic attack the other day. Here is the story:  I ordered the new Garmin 620 and absolutely cannot wait for it to get here.  I got a confirmation e-mail saying that it would ship 11/1, 3 days earlier than expected! So then I was super pumped because I would without a doubt have it for the race this weekend.  I then listed my Garmin 110 for sale and it sold rather quickly.  With the thought that the 620 would be here this week, I packaged up the 110 (I had even saved that little sticker that goes on the face of it!) and sent it on to its new owner. I was actually really sad to send this watch to its new owner, but I’ve already heard from her and she is very excited to have the watch.  Okay I’m getting off topic!  Anywho basically I am currently GPS-less for my race this weekend.


Ready for her new home 😦

This got me thinking… do we use too much technology for running sometimes?  It is very rare that I just go out and run without focusing on my pace or listening to music.  During every run I always have some form of technology with me.  Either a timer watch, my Garmin or my phone.  I remember watching Kona either last year or the year before and they had done a study that showed that swim and bike times had improved with technology but the run times were pretty much the same.  Actually, some of the fastest Ironman/Kona times were during the 80s.  I think once my race this weekend is over I’m going to take one run a week (or maybe every other week) and have no technology…. I may still carry my phone for safety reasons but won’t use it for anything else.  Running is such a good way to clear your mind so why cloud it with technology?

We’re leaving to go to Savannah for the race this afternoon and we have a fun day planned for after the race so look for a recap on Sunday.  My amazing mother sent me this pic last night and I can’t wait to get there (we’re staying with my parents) to get my treats!! I swear all of my favorite candy is seasonal.  Cadbury creme eggs are by far my favorite so I was way too excited when they came out with the Halloween version!  And these caramel pops yummmm!  I had a huge craving for these right before I had Brice but sadly we couldn’t find them anywhere!


Do you use a GPS watch?  If so, what watch do you have?

Do you ever go for ‘technology free’ runs?

Favorite candy???

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