Rock and Roll Savannah Recap

First and most importantly Happy Veteran’s Day to all that have served our country!  Your service is greatly appreciated!  I had the honor of having 13.1 miles of family fun time with my cousin who served in the Army and is still in the Reserves.


I DID IT!!!! Official finish time was 1:57:36 and it still brings a silly smile to my face.  The morning started at about 5am when my alarm went off.  I didn’t sleep well because I was too excited.  We got up, I got Brice fed and put him back down to sleep (he stayed at the house with my mom because I didn’t want to drag him out of the house on a cold morning so early), and headed downstairs to eat and meet our friends.  I quickly ate some toast with jelly, that’s my go-to pre race food and a few sips of coffee.  I felt like I was losing my mind because I couldn’t figure out if I had all my stuff with me!  Anyway so we all (me, Colin and our friends Kyle, Matt and Kathryn) loaded into my mom’s Tahoe and had my dad drop us off as close to the start as we could get.  We only had to walk a couple of block which was nice.

We got down there and immediately headed for the Porta Potty lines 🙂  Things moved really quickly the morning of the race despite there being 18,000 racers.  I knew I was going to be cold standing around before the race so we made a Walmart run the night before and I bought a cheap sweatshirt so that I wouldn’t feel bad about tossing it before the start.  I actually really liked the sweatshirt, so I just may go spend another $5 to get me one…


Okay on to the actual race.  The race got moving much faster than I expected.  Colin was up in corral 1 so he left us to go get his place and the rest of us made our way to corral 5.  I was told by people who ran the race in previous years that there were 3 minutes between each corral.  NOPE!  There was 1 minute.  I was frantically searching for my cousin who said he was in an orange shirt… there were about 35 people in orange shirts.  Luckily I found him so we were able to run together from the get go.  Which is good because if I hadn’t of found him then, there was no way I would have found him on the course.  I lost Matt and Kathryn before we even crossed the start line because a friend wanted to take a picture.  So you know that whole ‘too much technology’ thing?? Well… I caved and ended up using Colin’s watch for the run!  It really helped me though and I knew what I needed to do at which points in the race.  I don’t have my actual splits (there were something like 9:25, 9:25, 9:15, 9:15, 9:05, 9:00, 8:50, 9:00, 8:55, 8:50, 8:45: 8:40, 8:04, 7:40 for the last .1) I do know that at the halfway point (6.55 miles) we were right at 1hr.  This is when I started to get excited because I felt great and knew I would be able to push the second half and have negative splits.  Around 7.5 miles my left IT band started to get tight but luckily it didn’t spread from there and loosened back up.  Around mile 9 my foot started hurting again (or at least that is when I noticed it) but I was on a mission!!


About 1 mile out I finally spotted Matt and Kathryn so I took off to catch up with them.  I still had a little push left in my and after dodging in and of people I caught up to them.  I am so proud of Kathryn’s run on Saturday!! This was her first ever half and she finished in 1:58:something.


Enjoying our post race free beverage 🙂


Colin, as usual, was super speedy and finished in 1:37:23.  He was only 24 seconds off from his PR!!  Maybe if he had his watch he would have beaten it… oopsie 🙂

I was able to find my two training buddies at the end of the race.  They both did awesome!! Amanda took about 16 minutes of her previous race and this was Billie’s first half!!!  Lots of PRs were set this weekend!


Overall the race was amazing.  My few complaints would be that the water stations were poorly located; some of the roads were just too narrow causing you to have to slow down way too much.  The music was rather blah… I expected better from a Rock and Roll race. The gear check was perfect though.  It went very smooth and I was able to get our jackets immediately after finishing. This race got me super excited because I really think I could have gone faster.  I can’t wait to make some improvements over the next 7 weeks before we race at the Jax Bank Half Marathon!!!

Have you ever raced a Rock and Roll event?? How was your experience with the race??


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