Sweet potato in any form

There is some major construction going on at my office right now so it has been very noisy.  To make it worse, they had to block off the entrance to a few offices and the only way to get there is THROUGH my office.  This means zero privacy and about 30 people walking through my office daily.  This wouldn’t be a problem for most people but because I am still breastfeeding and pumping I am having to hide in any empty office or storage room that I can find twice a day!  You can imagine the strange looks I get when people see me walking into these rooms carrying my suspicious looking black bag containing my pump.  The paint fumes are probably the worst, especially when this guy decided to paint in my office while I was trying to work.


What do you do when you realize you do not have a single hair tie or bobbi pin with you???


That’s right, you use a pencil and a plastic paper clip.  Maybe there is a market for office supplies shaped hair accessories… stylish right???  We had dinner, yet again, over at Matt’s house.  I can really get used to this whole having other people cook delicious healthy meals for me every night. The menu consisted of fresh caught Red Fish on the Green Egg, roasted broccoli, and Viking Hash.  If you have never had/heard of Viking Hash before you are really missing out!!  Check out the recipe here: http://cfppaleo.blogspot.com/2011/10/viking-hash.html    Technically he had Viking Mash because shredding the sweet potatoes just takes way too long, so we cooked and mashed them.  Then for dinner we had some delicious cupcakes from Smallcakes.  Like I didn’t get enough sweet potato for dinner I picked the sweet potato cupcake.  (Colin had the carrot and we split that… okay maybe I had a small taste of everyone’s cupcake)


The babies decided they were going to be healthy and eat apples while we were enjoying our cupcakes.  Such sweet boys 🙂


No running or anything active is on the schedule for me this week.  There is a possibility that I have stress fracture in my right foot.  I’d prefer to just ignore it and pretend it doesn’t hurt but Colin is forcing me to go to the doctor.  I’m trying to be optimistic about the whole thing but only time will tell.  Hopefully I’ll be getting good news tomorrow because our next race is only 7 weeks away!!!!

Anyone ever had a stress fracture before?? How long were you out??


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