It’s not broken!!

Short little update- I just got back from the doctor and I got the greenlight to run.  I do not have a stress fracture, but the joint where my metatarsal and medial cuneiform meet is irritated. (Fancy words for the joint at the arch of your foot) This means I get to play trial and error until I can figure out what is causing this irritation.  The few things I can try: inserts, new shoes, new stride, less running….  I’m going to go with the new shoes and hope that helps.  He did mention more cross training, less running but that really isn’t an option for me.  I don’t run because I want to get my heart rate up and burn calories, I run because I love it and want to get faster and faster.


I currently wear Newton Gravity’s but will be going shoe shopping this weekend to try on several shoes and talk to the shoe store people and see what they recommend.  I love, love, love my Newton’s so maybe a switch from the Gravity’s to the Motion’s will do the trick?? ::fingers crossed::

Anyone ever had this issue before?  What change fixed it for you??


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