Monday Madness

I’ve come to terms with the fact that until I am done with the CPA exam I’m really not going to be able to get on a roll with the whole blogging thing.  I feel guilty doing anything other than studying in whatever free time that I have.  Hopefully the blogging with become a regular thing the end of this month and I’ll have some more structure instead of my random ramblings 🙂 But for now a few things…

Some balls and a dog is all this boy needs to make him happy.


Do not try and mess with his ball though, he will block you.  Future goalie??

IMG_2260[1]I finally got to run.  Thanks to the random downpour it got cut short, but at least I was able to get out and move my legs. I really don’t know how far or fast I ran because I STILL don’t have my watch.  Garmin needs to step up their game.  My friend did have her Garmin but she forgot to reset it from her walk the night before. I felt so color coordinated that my one and only headband actually matched my shirt.

IMG_2264[1]Making muffins for Brice’s snacks at school (I refuse to call it daycare, it makes me feel better by saying school) makes me feel pretty good.  This week I went with pumpkin muffins and used apple juice to sweeten them instead of sugar.  The pumpkin spice creamer did not go in them… I couldn’t make pumpkin muffins and not have some coffee with my creamer in it! I used this recipe for the muffins.


We are now 6 weeks out from our next half marathon and 15 weeks out from the full!!  It’s full speed ahead from here on out!


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