Sticker shock

Earlier this year, a friend of mine posted a picture of a pretty orange and pink shoe box, stating she was impressed with her husband’s shopping skills. Judging by the number of likes and comments the picture received I knew I was out of the loop.  After reading the comments and a quick Google search I figured out the item in question was a pair of $250 Tory Burch flats. I was shocked! I thought it was crazy to pay this much for a simple pair of flats.


 Wanna know what I just did? I just bought a pair of running shoes that retail for $175. (I say retail because I had promo codes and an extra coupon I could use to knock the price down a little)  It’s funny how varied the definition of ‘expensive’ can be from person to person. I like to think that Colin and I are financial savvy, we do both have accounting backgrounds, and we’re far from rich but fitness is one area we don’t skimp on.  Looking back on my initial reaction at the price of those flats makes me laugh.  She will probably be able to wear those shoes for years.  They have a classic look to them, so they can be worn with many outfits and won’t necessarily go out of style.  My running shoes on the other hand won’t even last me 6 months.

 Let me digress for a minute.  In most areas I’m of the mindset that less is more, especially when it comes to fashion and things like jewelry.  95% of the time the only jewelry I wear is my wedding rings, my MK watch and some simple stud earrings.  I believe I dress well, but I usually go with practical rather than fashionable.  This trend does not carry over into my running.  When Colin surprised me and bought me my MK watch he told me ‘not to hurt him’ right before I opened it.  Even though I knew I would wear the watch practically every day, I didn’t want to spend that much on it.  However, it sure didn’t take me much convincing to sell my old Garmin for the brand new one.  $300 for a watch that I will wear 8+ hours a day, 250+ days a year vs. a watch I will wear ~5 hours a week?? Something is not right with my logic 🙂

Colin had a little bit of what I call an ‘ah ha’ moment this weekend.  A friend of ours was out riding bikes with his boys and stopped by our house.  He still had the sale sticker on the front of his bike and it read $77.  Colin looked at that and said something along the lines of ‘no wonder people think I’m crazy.  I don’t think a single component of my bike only cost $77.”  When it’s something you are passionate about, it makes it easier to justify the purchase.  I don’t even think twice about buying Colin the best helmet or the best seat because I know he’s going to use it and it’s going to make him better.  We like to say that we buy each other the running/tri gear because then it sounds like a present and not just spending money 🙂 We’re so generous.


I guess the short and simple point that I am trying to make here is that running is not.  When you factor in entry fees, travel costs getting to the race, the shoes, gear and gadgets, those dollar signs just keep increasing.  Is this going to stop us from doing it?  By all means, no.  Fitness has its own line in our budget, and that’s just the way it is.  I’ve learned that everyone has their things they like to spend money on. Be it eating at nice restaurants, home decorations, or clothes, everyone has ‘their thing.’ Just because I couldn’t imagine paying $250 for some flats doesn’t mean people who do are crazy.  I guess running and triathlons are just our ‘thing’ and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is your ‘thing’?? 

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