I needed saltwater

Thursday started out not good and just kept getting worse until it reached its peak and then, as if the universe just knew, started getting better.  Brice did not sleep well, which means I did not sleep well, so getting out of the warm bed was very difficult.  I finally rolled out of bed and started my morning ritual of running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting everything ready for the day.  Colin had to leave early for work, which makes getting ready more difficult because then I had to entertain Brice and get ready all at the same time.  I get out the door, get Brice dropped off at school, then head to work.  As I’m pulling into the parking lot I hit a bump and my coffee tilts in the cup holder and spills, on my pants.  Luckily I was wearing grey.  I’ve come to determine that no matter what I wear either I or Brice will get something on me, and I’ve just come to terms with having coffee, soggy puffs, or even baby boogies on my clothes.

The morning continued on rather uneventful.  I did order Brice some new/bigger PJs which made me pretty excited because I got a steal from Gap and online shopping + crazy discounts makes me very happy.  Then lunch time rolls around and things just got very crappy.  CPA scores were released and let’s just say things did not go my way.  Studying for weeks, taking a 3.5 hour long test, then waiting several weeks to get your score is torture.  All that buildup and then to find out you didn’t pass is heartbreaking.  It literally is a punch in the gut and just deflates you.

cryThis is true.  By myself, I could hold it together and put on a strong face because none of my coworkers knew about it.  But I knew the second I heard Colin’s voice I wouldn’t be able to hold my disappointment in and that would translate to tears.  I really did not want to cry.  I didn’t want to let one test result control me, which btw has a passing rate of a whopping 47%, but salt water is always the answer.

salt watersource

Unfortunately it is November and I am a solid 1.5 away from the ocean so that was not an option.  I didn’t want to cry so sweat it was.  On a typical day I pick Brice up after work, get home, get him fed and then he takes a little power nap and that is when I get my run in.  Yesterday it was like he knew Mama needed to get home and get running ASAP.

sleepThis little cutie fell asleep on the way home so I was able to jump out and change and start running within 2 minutes of getting home while Colin sat with him in the car until he woke up.  I didn’t just need to go for a mind clearing jog, I needed to RUN and get out some of my emotions.  After a half mile warm up, I took off.  Even my music was perfect!  iTunes Radio was playing one perfect running song after the other (a little Roar, Counting Stars, Timber) I ended up running my fastest ever recorded 5k.  I did it in 25:26 with negative splits.  That is only 1 second faster than my PR but I’m a bit skeptical that my “PR” was a 3 mile and not a 5k.  This was just what I needed.

runFavorite little photobomber.  I guess I was feeling a little blue since my entire outfit was some shade of it.  I still have a lot to sort out regarding the CPA exam and what my next step is going to be, but it’s so good to have the ability to have an outlet such as running.

When was the last time you needed a good run?

Any other CPA exam takers out there?? Motivational speeches for me??

2 responses to “I needed saltwater

  1. I have never taken the CPA… I’m not an account/finance person of any sorts BUT two of our good friends went through the process and here is what I will tell you… the fact that you’re working through it is amazing in itself to me… that thing seems like its no joke.

    • Thank you 🙂 The CPA exam really is a beast! I’ve had a few setbacks but I know it will make me feel even more accomplished when I finally get it all done.

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