Going for the gold + a photo challenge

I’m running in a local 5k this morning and I’m surprisingly nervous!  The last 5k I raced was back in the middle of August, and even with my 6 week hiatus my fitness is much better now than it was then.  This course is advertised as being a very flat, speedy course so I’m aiming for a PR!  The prizes are awesome so hopefully I’ll have a picture to share with you. 🙂  I run with the new Garmin 620 and it has a race predictor function on it.  I have no idea how it comes up with these figures, but all I know is that it is based off of your VO2 max.  WELL! according to my VO2 max these are the times I should be able to run:  5K — 22:11  10K — 46:01  HM — 1:41:57  M — 3:31:54  Those make me laugh a little bit considering my last half marathon was 16 minutes slower than what it says I should be running.  Colin swears that I can run that and the only thing that is stopping me from doing it is my head.  I REALLY question those results though, and this is why.  I do know that the VO2 max uses your heart rate, among many other things and fancy calculations, to get to those numbers.  Here is the chart of my HR from my run Thursday evening: HRM

I did a 15 minute warm up and then did 10 sets of 40 seconds hard with 1 minute recovery in between with a 10 minute cool down.  Either my heart does the exact opposite of what is normal or something is up with my heart rate strap.  My heart rate was staying in the 150s and then when I started my speed work it steadily declined until it was slower than when I started. (????)  Therefore those race predictors must be off!  I guess we’ll find out soon 🙂  Colin isn’t running this race, instead he is being a wonderful support husband and will be playing with Brice while I run and then he will get on his bike and ride home from the race.  Crazy guy.

ZOOMA photo contest

^ This photo challenge starts today!!  These seem like fun words to use to capture your picture.  Full challenge details can be found here, but the basic premise is follow Zooma and Altra on Instragram and/or Facebook, post your photos, tag them, and use #ZOOMAphotoaday.  There will be weekly winners of Altra shoes!

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