The results are in….

I highly doubt that I will post much over the weekends, unless I have something so profound to say that  I write it in advance.  Our weekends are usually pretty full with running errands and having family time that I am not going to take away from that to sit and write all the random things I think about.  Plus, there is rarely a quiet moment, unless it’s nap time, and when that happens it usually means chores have to get done.  Folding laundry with Brice around is nearly impossible.  Brice unfolds/unsorts twice as fast as Colin and I can fold/sort.  Let’s talk about my 5k from Saturday…


Unfortunately I did not win my age group (I would have if they had been every 5 years, but they did them by every 10 years) but I am not trying to dwell on that aspect.  I am very proud of myself and it seems Colin was right that it is mostly mental for me.  I ran a 24:42, which is over 2 minutes faster than my previous PR.  My splits were 8:05, 8:03, 7:41 and the last .13 was at a 6:45 pace.  This was a VERY flat course but it just shows me that I am capable of more than I think I can.  We got there about 15 minutes before the race start which was perfect because it was a small event and it was cold.  I had the perfect amount of time to register and get a half mile warm up in.  Going into the race my goal was to be in the 25 minute range.  At my last two half marathons I have average about 8:59 mpm so I knew I could average 8:00 mpm for a 5k, and my competitive spirit was in full force Saturday morning.  I tried to catch the girl ahead of me but it seemed every time I picked it up a notch so did she!  Now I have to increase my mileage and see if I can maintain that type of pace for the Dosta Dash 10k in 3 weeks.  IMG_2911[1]

After the race they had a cooler full of warm Zaxby’s mini chicken sandwiches which with my fingers being numb was the perfect way to refuel.  We didn’t hang around too long after the race because Colin needed to get home and get on the trainer.  His plan was to cycle home from the race but the weather was not so great for that so he decided to just do it at home.  We have to move furniture around and block him in because Brice tries his hardest to mess with the bike while Colin is riding.   2 hours on the bike followed by a solid run for the triathlete.   Less than 6 weeks to go!


I guess all the exercising that we did made Brice think he needed to hydrate too. 🙂

Anybody else do any racing this weekend?? How did you do?

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