Weekend recap in pictures


Never too young to put them to work 🙂


Smoothie King just opened up in town and they were having their grand opening on Saturday.  We know the owners so we had to go support them! ^That is a medium and it is huge.  I think I’ll stick to the smalls from now on.


Just going for a quick jog while we did a little shopping.IMG_2929[1]

A little post nap hangout on the couch!


I went to Target unsupervised (they boys stayed at home) and got a little makeup happy.  I actually needed a few things but then discovered the brand elf and things were only $1-$3 and I couldn’t resist trying it!  Target must pump some kind of ‘buy things you don’t need’ gas through their air vents.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL on Sunday so we took Brice and one of his buddies to that park to play.  They both had a blast!

IMG_2946[1]Oh, I’m not supposed to sit in the cabinet?  I recently moved all the breakable things I did have in this drawer and made it Brice’s drawer.  He took that a little too literal.

I hope you had a great weekend too, and that your Monday is off to a good start!


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