It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to!

It IS in fact my birthday, but sadly I will not do what I want to.  So I guess that title is only half true.  What I would like to be doing is sleeping in, going for a nice run, then settling into a beach chair with a good book or building sand castles on the beach.

sandCute sign from here

In reality though I will be waking up and then spending all day at work.  Boo on that!  I’m having a major dilemma though.  I just can’t make up my mind what sort of sweets I will be eating to celebrate!  Rough problem to have, I know.  I am looking forward to a quiet night in with my boys.  We will be travelling this weekend for a triathlon and will go to my favorite restaurant on Friday night.

My full intentions were to wake up this morning and get on the treadmill for a few miles.  My phone is on it’s last leg and has been dying every single night no matter how charged it is so I didn’t have my alarm to wake me up at the right time.  I say ‘right time’ because Colin was up at 5am to get on the trainer and he did try to wake me up. 🙂  But then he said ‘it’s your birthday, sleep.’ and I just could not argue with that. So instead I had some extra snuggle and play time and a delicious breakfast.  Just the way every birthday should start!

IMG_2953[1]Last night’s snuggle time.


The boy is smart and knows not to waste any of this delicious yogurt…. or he has been watching his dad.  🙂 I swear he doesn’t get this from me!It has been decided that tonight we will feast on pizza and cupcakes.  That really is my perfect celebration meal.  That way we can just relax and enjoy our time and Brice will be free to run around the house.


How did you spend your last birthday?

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