Why I decided to become a blogger

First things first, my birthday evening was a success.  My dinner of choice was pizza and cupcakes and it was perfect.  Yes, I have a very refined palate.  🙂


That cupcake was the best I’ve ever had, and I’m not exaggerating.  It was a strawberry cheesecake cupcake from Smallcakes.  Usually the icing is way too sweet for me and I take part of it off, but they perfected this one!! Yesterday morning Colin made me think that he had failed on the gift giving, and I don’t even know why I believed him.  We are both pretty competitive people and I killed it for his birthday by getting him a South African cycling jersey.  Well I must say that it is a close call who won the birthday gift contest this year!

IMG_2975[1]Jaybird Bluebuds X for the win!  These things are as amazing as I expected them to be.  I went for a short test run of only 2.3 miles and met up with Kathryn along the way.  I didn’t use the headphones very much because my iTunes was acting up and not playing my music.  Plus then my dad called to wish me a happy birthday so I stopped running to talk to him.  I’m not even sure what our pace was but I think it was about 8:45ish.  (Excited to really test them out tonight!) Then we spent the rest of our night doing really grown up things like stacking blocks and seeing who could pick up the tallest stack.  I was terrible at this game and Kathryn definitely won!


There are several reasons why I decided to start blogging.  These aren’t in any particular order, but here we go….

1: Because I thought it would be a fun and creative outlet for me.  I’m not the best sharer with words but I have always enjoyed reading and writing.  This is a good way for me to share things (pictures, my ideas, thoughts) in a way that works for me.  Growing up I had several journals, mostly silly things about who I had a crush on or why I was mad that day.  Don’t worry I won’t be ranting all the time and you’ll only have to hear me talk about two boys.

2: Time goes by so quickly and Brice is growing so fast that this would be an easy way for me to tell his cute stories and be able to go back and remember them.  When he was first born I wrote little notes every week but gradually that spread out to every month, and I know I left out a lot.

3: Keeping me accountable with my training.  If I pretend that people are actually reading this then it will make me more motivated to get out there and get stronger and faster.  Most people think we’re crazy that we enjoy running and doing triathlons, but I know there are a whole lot of like minded people out there I could connect with through a blog.

4: Family and friends.  Our family and friends are spread out all over the world; we have good friends in several different states and countries. Plus, 95% of Colin’s side of the family does not live in the US and communicating across different time zones can get difficult.  This will be a way they can keep up with our lives even though we are thousands of miles away.  None of our family members live in the same city, both parents are a 3+ hour car ride away, and I know they would like to be a part of everything Brice does!

If you blog, what was the reason you got started?


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