Best headphones ever




When I woke up this morning I had an e-mail from the lovely Emmeline over at Run for the Pizza telling me that I won her SweatyBands giveaway!  I would love to wake up every morning and find out a won something. 🙂  I can’t wait to get the headband and give it a try!

sweaty band

When I got home from work yesterday I had to give my new Jaybirds a proper test run.  On my birthday I really didn’t get to have a proper feel for them while running and I was dying to see if they live up to their hype.

jaybirdThese things are AWESOME.   It was pretty chilly and wet outside so I got on the treadmill.  I paired them up with my iPad (they can be paired with up to 8 devices at a time) so I could watch a movie while I ran. Yep, out of everything Netflix has to offer, I picked to watch The Croods.  I unintentionally ran with the lights off, too. (the garage opener light was on when I went out there but has a timer and went off and I didn’t feel like stopping to turn the lights on)  It made it much easier to watch my movie but made it nearly impossible to see what speed buttons I was pressing during my intervals!!  I just went with whatever I pressed.  I think these may be more beneficial for the treadmill because even though our treadmill has speakers, you have to turn them up as loud as they will go to be able to hear your show/music over the pounding of your feet.  Normal headphones would just be too much hassle on the treadmill because you don’t want wires everywhere!

I threw in some interval work to see how the Jaybirds held up with I was really moving, and I’m so happy that they stayed perfectly in place.  I did have some slight movement but I think that was more of me not having them in properly.  The sound quality is awesome and they seem to block out all outside noise.  That is a little concerning for me though when I run outside.  I always (try) to keep my music at a level where I will be able to hear cars or kids or wild animals while running.  You may laugh at the wild animals thing but I have had wild animal sightings on my runs before! I need to adjust the strap because it was getting a little stuck in my hair, but once again user error!


I ended up doing 3.5 miles and due to the fact I was dressed like I would have run outside things got a little sweaty.  But no surprise the Jaybirds held up great (also have a lifetime guarantee against sweat!!!)  We will definitely be investing in a pair for Colin ASAP because I have lost track of the number of headphones he has killed with sweat.  If you are even remotely considering buying a new pair of headphones get the Jaybirds!

Do you usually listen to music/books/tv shows/movies while you run?

What are your favorite headphones?

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