I just wanted some lunch

We hosted Supper Club last night (didn’t take pictures = blogger fail) so I did food prep Wednesday night so that it would make things easier when we got home from work.  I made a baked zit that was rather delicious if I do say so myself!  Anyways, yesterday morning I realized that I was so focused on getting my dish together the night before that I didn’t have anything ready for my lunch!  No big deal, I could easily run up to the grocery store and grab something because we needed a few things for the house, too.  So I quickly pick out a salad for lunch, grab the other things I need and then headed to checkout. And that’s when I realized I didn’t have my wallet.  This is how I felt about that…..

I did have my checkbook but the lady told me she had to have my ID.  Alright, no big deal I knew my wallet had to be in my bag that I carry everything in at work.  I’ll just have to make the short drive back to the office and come pay for my stuff.  The checkout lady said he would hold my order and I told her I would be back very soon because I just had to get my wallet.  Fast forward to me getting back to the store.  I go up to the little old lady’s line and what does she say? “OH! I just had them put it back.” GRRRRR!  By this point I was not only starving but I was getting hangry. I just smiled and said okay and ran around grabbing everything I had picked out previously.  Then these bad boys caught my eye at the checkout…IMG_2987[1]

After eating my salad my boss saw these and said “that doesn’t look like lunch”; so I explained to her it was my dessert because when you eat a salad you get dessert.  (actually when you eat anything you get dessert) and she said “The whole bag???” I thought that was the craziest question ever.  Of course the whole bag!! So all ended well but that was quite an adventure just to get lunch.  Moral of the story: pack your lunch.

This is one of the two pictures I did take last night.  As I said, there is always dessert and this sweet boy loved his piece of cupcake!  I have no idea where he gets his sweet tooth from.

Then after dessert everyone needed a decaf cappuccino so I busted out the milk frother and got to work!  One day I will learn how to make the cool drawings in the froth and fulfill my calling to be a barista.


I actually woke up a little early today and ran 2.5 miles at about 8:59 pace.  Nothing special to talk about but it is a start to me getting my runs in before work instead of in the evenings!  I did wear this awesome 10 year old shirt though.


Yes, that is a high school volleyball shirt and no, it is not the only one I own and still wear.  Just reliving those glory days. 🙂 Triathlon season in our house officially starts tomorrow (did it ever end?) with Colin’s first race of the season!  It’s just a sprint but I’m excited to see his hard work payoff!!  I know he’s going to rock it and I’ll have a full report this weekend.

What are your weekend plans??

What is the oldest piece of clothing you have and still love?

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