Many pictures Monday

We had a fun-filled loooong weekend (thank you 5am wake ups and Daylight Savings) but it is Monday and I haven’t finished my coffee so here is what I am calling Many Pictures (not so many words) Monday:

IMG_3012Waiting for our table at my favorite restaurant ever Kool Beanz Cafe.  If you are ever in Tallahassee, FL do yourself a favor and eat there. Brice is actual very happy, he just has a mouth full of puffs.

IMG_3055[1]Colin’s meal= lamb, asparagus, potatoes and celery puree.  This is the only lamb I have ever liked (living in South Africa you try a lot of lamb) and I must figure out how to make celery puree.

IMG_3056[1]I was feeling very southern so I went with the country fried chicken with collard greens, pimento mac-n-cheese, black-eyed peas (Brice ate them all) topped with bacon jam and some kind of relish on top.  Sounds crazy tasted amazing. IMG_3013All wrapped up with a big slice of key lime pie with a berry sauce.  We started off with some conch fritters and sweet potato wedges.IMG_3014Brice has a thing with hotels where he runs around like crazy once we get there.  Okay, he does that most places, but he gets so excited when we stay in a hotel!  He especially enjoyed the closets’ mirrored doors and gave himself about 500 kisses.IMG_3015I really enjoyed the warm chocolate chip and walnut cookies they gave us when we checked in.  Doubletree is my new hotel of choice! 🙂

IMG_3019[1]This is my ‘it’s really early, it’s really cold, are the boys really about to do this’ face.
IMG_3022Brice ate his first handful of sand this weekend.  He was kind enough to share it with me!  Warning: Brice’s hands are really quick and if you don’t want him to stick something in your mouth, keep it closed at all times.

IMG_3029The boys needed their post race meal of pizza after the race.  I felt like I had also done a triathlon with all the running from spot to spot, taking pictures, and chasing Brice that I did so of course I had to eat a slice of pizza that was larger than my head!
IMG_3035Sunday morning we made our weekly trip to the club. Sam’s Club, that is.  This is the only type of club we go to  so we like to feel cool and tell people we go clubbing so they think we do other things than workout in our free time. Not many other people go to the club at 10am on a Sunday so Brice was enjoying all the open space to run around.
IMG_3036Colin went cycling with a local group so that meant I had to get on the treadmill at nap time.  I really don’t mind the treadmill now that I have movies to watch! My goal was 6 miles but only got in 3.67 before Brice woke up.
IMG_3040Brice and I went out for a drive around the block. There was a lady walking her dog about 10 yards ahead of us the whole time so Brice kept yelling out of excitement and ‘barking’ the whole time.
IMG_3046 Then we ran around in the backyard for a while to enjoy the beautiful weather we had!  It would have been even better if the construction crew wasn’t hammering away at the house they are building behind us.  Who builds a house on a Sunday???


Colin wanted to do a brick workout so we put Brice in the stroller and we tagged along for another 2.33 miles to get my 6 for the day!


After eating terribly (but absolutely deliciously) all weekend we had to make up for it with dinner last night.  Steak, avocado, asparagus, and our favorite Viking Hash!

I hope everyone had as fun of a weekend as we did and that your week is off to a good start!

What was the best part of your weekend??

4 responses to “Many pictures Monday

  1. Looks like a really fun weekend! And delicious pizza 😉 which treadmill is that btw? I’m looking at getting one this summer and have been stalking Nordictracks but I’ve never actually used one and the gyms near me don’t have them to test.

    • It’s a Nordictrack T7.0. Nothing fancy but it runs great! We got it from Sears Outlet and it was a prior year floor model so we got it for a steal. My husband and father-in-law had to recalibrate it when we first got it because the speeds were much slower (I was easily walking when it said 6.0 mph) but now it’s spot on.

  2. You’re family is just so adorable! The highlight of my weekend was getting to see my brother’s choir concert at his college and having dinner with them after!

    • Thank you! I always wished I had a good singing voice, I couldn’t even be a part of our middle school chorus and they let anyone in!

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