Thoughtless Thursday

This is going to become my new thing.  Usually by the time Thursday rolls around my brain function has slowed.  This week has been no exception as I spent the first hour that I was awake yesterday thinking it was already Thursday.  To my disappointment, Colin made  me aware that it was only Wednesday.  Even with that there were many times throughout the day I had to keep reminding myself it was still Wednesday.   Thoughtless Thursdays are going to be a whole bunch of random thoughts, pictures, videos, web findings that I accumulate during the week but don’t relate to my other posts.  So get ready to see a lot of Brice on Thursdays! This morning on Disney Jr  both Mickey and Jake (yeah, we’re on first name basis) were talking about coconuts.  Jake and his pirate friends were talking about all the things they were making with their coconuts.  See, even cartoons know they are healthy!

If you haven’t watched this video yet you really need to.  It’s so cute!

At about 1:00 yesterday, I remember that this cookie was in Brice’s backpack.  I had to resist the urge to drive over there just to get it.


DSCN3048Then because I had to wait several hours before I could eat the cookie (I was so tempted to eat it when I picked him up, but I knew I would regret that while on my run) this happened for dessert.  Chocolate and vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream, strawberries, and cookie crumble.


Spring has been really teasing us this week.  We’ve had several beautiful days so once we get home it’s straight to the backyard for some running around!  Of course, once we really start loving the warm air we have days like today where it’s in the 40s.  Just getting hydrated after a couple laps around the yard.

DSCN3025This is what happens when a little boy starts throwing food off of his tray.  At least he offered to clean it up. 🙂
DSCN3042Mom! It’s 7 am, ENOUGH with the pictures.
DSCN3053I love getting mail, well only when it’s good things and not bills, credit card applications or random ads.  These two were extra fun.  A new pair of running tights (that I accidentally ordered, I’ll explain later) and Brice’s new portable high chair!!  I’ll have a good review of that high chair soon for any interested moms.
DSCN3031Helping me get ready for work while he brushes his teeth. He got really excited when I let him sit in the sink.  In the mornings a happy Brice = happy life.
IMG_3076[1]A little family stretching the other night.  Brice kept trying to get us to use The Stick.
stretch And I’ll wrap up all this randomness with Brice and his little girlfriend.  These two have been in the same ‘class’ for about the last 11 months and she gets so excited every morning when Brice gets there!

Thursday is connected to Friday which means it is almost the weekend!!!!

Do you have an end of the week slump, or is it just me whose brain has an off day?

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