Brought to you by the letter B!

During the month of March I’ve been playing along and participating in Zooma’s photo a day challenge.  I’d love to win a pair of the Altra’s that they are giving away but regardless it has been a lot of fun coming up with a picture for each of their daily words.  I’ve only been posting them on Instagram which you can check out on my homepage sidebar.  On Saturday the key word(s) were “B is for…” so of course I went with the easy one of the beautiful baby boy Brice.  🙂  There were several other B’s that I could have picked, such as: me! (Brianna), birthdays, Brooks shoes, etc.  Over the course of the weekend the letter B popped up several more times.

Boys will be boys. Brice and his buddy pushing each other around the backyard in the big blue truck.


Bbblllalaldlalallaaaa.  That’s the sound I make when I see one of these creepy lizards. This little guy was hiding on our back patio.  No that is not me holding it, I kept a very good distance.  These things are all over the place at my parent’s house and my mom still thinks it is funny to send me pictures of them.  I was not very happy so see they have showed up at our house too!!


Beautiful sunrises on an early morning run. I don’t think this needs any explanation.


Boost of energy needed midday! Grande soy iced vanilla machiato- yum!

Buggy rides! Back at the club for our fruits and veggies.


Beach dreams. Colin and I were really wanting to be at the beach so we made a beachy dinner.  Fresh Cobia tacos with homemade ginger cilantro cole slaw and homemade guacamole.  And of course a beach meal wouldn’t be complete without a Corona with lime!


Brunch. Eggs Benny with potatoes.


Big cheesy family selfies.


Birthday parties! This one could also have gone along with the boys will be boys 🙂


Big, birthday cookie. 


What was the main letter of your weekend??

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