24 hours

Less than 24 hours until my 10k!  It has been years since I raced in a 10k only because there are so few around here.  We have a 5k almost every weekend but 10k’s are few and far between.  That is one on of the reasons I’m so pumped up about it.  Since my city is rather small I am very familiar with the course.  I’ve run parts of it many, many times so I have high hopes! I do have a goal time in my head, but I’ll be keeping that to myself for now.  Let’s just say it’s a pretty big goal.

I’ve been obsessive checking the weather and here is what it’s currently looking like:


58 degrees is going to feel amazing.  That 96% humidity isn’t going to be fun. I guess that’s just an early prep for the summer when the temp and humidity are both in the 90’s. This race usually draws a large crowd (relatively speaking) so there is should to be some good competition.  There is a 5k that starts at the same time so it may be a little crowded for the first little bit since the 10k is just the 5k course twice.  Being a two loop course has its pros and cons.  The cons are that it will be repetitive without a change of scenery.  The pros are that I will be able to pace myself well, I can judge my time/energy level at the 5k mark, and  I will know where to push and where to hold back.  I haven’t done any strength training this week because I didn’t want any soreness on Saturday.  This week I’ve done 3 runs totaling 16.5 miles with lots of stretching and foam rolling.  Well I’ve tried to stretch and foam roll but this is usually what happens…


 Just a little added weight to make sure my muscles are good and rolled out!  This race is special because it was the first race we took Brice to.  Well, first race after he was born.  He came to/participated in several while I was pregnant 🙂

IMG_0981[1]These two sure have done a lot of growing in the past year!! I’ll be doing a lot of hydrating today and some more stretching tonight to make sure I’m 100% in the morning.  I woke up with my eyes feeling very puffy, probably from all the pollen, so hopefully that doesn’t irritate my sinuses before tomorrow morning!

Any one else racing this weekend? Or any other fun weekend plans?

4 responses to “24 hours

    • Thank you!! Unfortunately the fur baby isn’t ours and is more like our fur nephew. He belongs to our good friend who Brice will call Uncle Matt, so close enough, right? 🙂

  1. Puppy!! So cute. Good luck tomorrow! I actually really like loop courses because I know what to expect on the second loop and I can take the first lap steady and really take advantage of the course on the second. And the best part…you get to see your spectators multiple times!! I’m sure Brice will be quite the motivator 😉

    • I have to confess the puppy is not ours, but might as well be. He really belongs to Colin’s best friend who lives .2 miles away. Brice better be clapping his hands and yelling for me when I finish 🙂

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