Onward and upward

My race last weekend took more out of me than expected.  I have been very worn out and just feeling sluggish the last 3 days.  It probably didn’t help that I slept very little Friday night with Brice being sick. I’m working on the whole ‘recovery’ after a race thing, so a few days off is probably just what my body needed!  Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system it is time to focus on the next thing. I was able to get out for a little run yesterday.  I did 3 miles at a very comfortable 8:56 pace and my legs still felt tired, but it did feel great to get out there.  It was super windy the whole time and somehow I picked a route that had me running into the wind 80% of the time. This was my attempt at getting a picture of my ponytail being blown straight behind me, but of course as I went to take the picture the gusts stopped.  So instead you get to see my awesome new Sweat Bands that I won from Emmeline!


I’ve been debating for the last several weeks on whether or not to run a half marathon on April 5th.  Being that it is only 10 days away, I think I need to make up my mind pretty quickly!! I’m leaning towards yes for a few reasons.  1. My mom is already planning on coming to visit that weekend so that means Brice is taken care of. 2. Colin has said he would run it with me.  Not just ALSO run the race but he would actually run it with me.  Y’all, this is a very big deal.  We have never run a race together and go on very few runs where we actually run together.  When we do I always make Colin push the jogging stroller so that it sort of slows him down enough where I can keep up.  3.  The race is only 40 minutes away. Another rarity that I feel I need to take advantage of.  4. This half marathon will be my last chance to run a half before the temperature jumps up to 95 degrees and we all sweat just walking to the mailbox. The only reason I can come up with to not run the race is that I am not 100% ready for a half.  However, if I know that going in then I won’t be upset afterwards because I won’t have unrealistic  expectations.  Okay, I’ve convinced myself!  Looks like I’m doing a half marathon in 10 days!

I took some time yesterday to write out what races we already have on the calendar for the rest of the year and it’s looking like we’re going to have a pretty busy year! Already on the schedule for Colin: Half Ironman (2 weeks!!) , 3 Olympic distance triathlons (June, July & August), and a full Ironman (September 28) For me:  3 half marathons (next weekend, November and December), a 15k (October), and several 5k’s (most likely one a month).   There is a teeny tiny chance that I will try and do a sprint triathlon sometime later this year.  However, that is very up in the air and fully depends if I can actually get into the pool to remind myself how to swim.  I’m looking for some other 10k’s to run so hopefully I  can throw one or two of those in the mix.  After looking at the schedule and adding them all up I’ve made a new goal for the year:


However, my running/racing is not our main priority this year.  Last year Colin and I put a lot of thought into him doing the full Ironman.  We decided that 2014 would be the best year for him to do it because we know we want to have more kids.  Juggling family, work, and training with one kid is hard enough so we know with two kids it will be even more of a challenge.  Even with it not being our main priority I don’t think 14 races this year is an unrealistic goal, 2 down 12 more to go.  They won’t all be “A” races but it’s always fun to have a target!

How many races do you usually run in a year?

8 responses to “Onward and upward

  1. Yay for racing together! I think the half sounds great, who cares if it’s not your best race ever? In a few weeks even easy runs will feel obnoxious because of te heat and you’ll be sad if you missed out on a great day to run a race 🙂 I don’t race often at all but I’m hoping to change that a bit in the fall since I’ll be living somewhere with a lot more small races. I’d like to more 5 and 10k races just for fun in addition to my big goal races! You look super cute in your headband btw 😉

    • 🙂 Thanks! I’m loving the headband and will be ordering some more very soon. Before I know it I will either be moving my treadmill inside or having to wake up at 4am to run so I don’t die of a heat stroke!

    • I know it won’t be a PR but I doubt it will be my worst race! This is my first Sweaty Bands and I’m in love.

    • Good luck to you, too! I figured 2014 was a good year because the number will just keep getting bigger and bigger as the years go on. 🙂

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