I’m so proud

There have been three things to happen in the last few days that have made me very proud. None of these have to do with myself, so you know I must be pretty impressed. 🙂

On Thursday night I got a text from my mom telling me she bought some new shoes for walking.  She then sent me this picture.

Brooks!!! I have converted another person. 🙂  I actually can’t take any of the credit here.  My mom went to a store and got fitted for shoes.  Her exact words were “I did not realize they were Brooks until after I bought them and saw the name on the box” No matter how she picked them, I’m happy! She walks a few miles several times a week and knows how important comfy shoes are.  These are the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14’s and she said she really enjoyed them during her walk today.  I’m still waiting to review the Brooks Pureflow 3’s after I put a few more miles on them, but maybe I’ll steal the Adrenalines for a test run this weekend and report on the comfort level of those, too. 🙂

The next thing I am proud of is this guy:

15 miles on the treadmill!!!  He’s definitely going to have the mental readiness for his Ironman!  We were woken up by thunder Saturday so that meant no outdoor exercise for us that morning.  Little did we know the day was going to be beautiful, but Colin went ahead and got his run out of the way.  He was watching South Africa play cricket while he ran so he was fully entertained.  I am proud of him for his workout, but what I am actually REALLY proud of him for is this…  IMG_3298[1]
He bought the right toilet paper without even asking me!!  Sounds silly but I’m very particular about my toilet paper. It’s a good thing he bought the right kind because this is one of the few things we buy in bulk so I would have been stuck using the wrong toilet paper for months to come.

The last thing that I am SOOOO proud of is this little cutie.

IMG_3291[1] FOUR MILES in the stroller and he didn’t make a peep!  That is a new record for him.  Colin was out on a bike ride yesterday morning and I knew I had to get my run in.  Colin texted me along the way so I knew about when he would be home.  I decided to go ahead and get started on my run and when Brice got bored I would bring him back home and finish up.  With that in mind, I really only thought I would be pushing the stroller for 2 miles max.  Brice was so content that I just kept going and was so happy that he made it 4 miles.  However, running with a jogging stroller is tough!  The stroller alone weighs 25 lbs and then Brice is almost 23 lbs, so that’s pushing 48 pounds!! Also, the wind was blowing at 10 mph with 18 mph gusts so I kept zig-zagging all around the neighborhood to try to keep the wind at my back. I averaged 9:38 per mile for those 4 miles which I’m happy with considering the conditions.   After I dropped Brice off at the house I went back out and finished up my run by doing 4 more miles.  I really wanted to run 10 miles total, but I know that pushing the stroller for 4 miles took more energy/effort than a solo 4 miles would have so I’ll say that it is like I ran 6 miles first then 4 miles which gives me my 10 for the day. Makes sense, right? 🙂

Anything/anyone that you are proud of lately?

7 responses to “I’m so proud

  1. Your Mom has awesome taste in shoes – those are really cool looking. Nice job with the stroller! Does Brice ever fall asleep while you’re running?

    • Thanks! I can think of only two time that he has fallen asleep in the stroller in the last 14 months. He would much rather be out running around too!

  2. 15 treadmill miles is rough! Good job, Colin 🙂 I sent my dad to the running store to get fitted last year and he, too, got put in Brooks and it changed everything for him. He doesn’t run but he walks a lot and all his knee and foot pain went away within a week or two. My husband wears them too so we are a little Brooks family over here 😉

    • Yay for a happy Brooks family 🙂 Colin wears Newtons but his dad wears Brooks so I’m just trying to convert everyone else.

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