At the end of February (or maybe beginning of March?) I was browsing Instagram and saw that Fitfluential was doing a March Miles challenge.  They were challenging everyone to run 100 miles in March and by checking in and posting pictures you got the chance to win some Reebok gear.  I knew 100 miles would be a challenge for me, but I figured it was all in fun and there was nothing to lose.

FFI was looking back on my monthly mileage for 2013 and the most I ran in one month was 73.74 miles in October and that was when I was in full on half marathon training.  I gradually built up to that from only 11.15 miles in March of 2013.  After having a baby I figured I should take things slow.   March had 4 full weeks so I would have to average 25 miles a week to reach the 100 mile goal, which I knew was lofty, but it was always nice having that little challenge in the back of my mind.  At times it would help me get out the door or push through one more mile on the treadmill knowing that I would be one mile closer to that 100 miles.

Posted @ QUOTEZ.CO I wasn’t planning on running yesterday because I was a bit sore from my Saturday workout and Sunday run, but when I started adding up my miles and looking at the month totals I just had to!  I was at 66.86 miles for March so just one last 5k would get me up to 70.  70 miles!! On the way home I could tell Brice was really tired so I was able to get him down for a little nap and then I jumped on the treadmill.  Thankfully Colin got home while I was running because Brice’s evening naps are usually very short.  It felt great, and I definitely could have kept going, but I don’t want my legs to be worn out on Saturday.

march In 2014 my mileage hasn’t been great because of being sick for the first 6 weeks of the year so this was huge for me!  Not only did I manage to run 70 miles, I PR’ed in both the 5k and 10k.  It’s amazing to me what we are capable of doing if we just challenge ourselves.  I’m not sure what the April Fitfluential challenge will be, but I am excited to find out!  I know my running will have a little slump because we will be travelling the entire second half of the month, but I’m determined to get creative with my workouts while overseas.

Do you have any April challenges planned?

How were your March workouts?

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