April Challenges bring May Changes

Okay, so you come up with a good word that rhymes with ‘challenges.’ According to Answers.com ‘orange’ rhymes with challenge and here I have spent my whole life thinking that nothing rhymes with orange.

As I talked about yesterday, I was excited to find out what the April Fitfluential challenge was and drum roll…..

Plank challenge Planks!! I’m always up for a good challenge, but honestly I was a bit disappointed.  I already incorporate planks into most of my workouts.  On Instagram they said to work your way up to a 3 minute plank which does sound like a long time.  So I got down and did my plank last night and held it for 2 minutes. That got me thinking that over the course of the month working my way up to 3 minutes, really shouldn’t be too difficult.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to stay in shape while we are in South Africa (because I won’t be doing much running) so I came up with my own challenge for April.  In addition to the plank every day, I will be doing a squat challenge!

calendarYesterday was Day 1, but it’s never to late to join in!  We’ll gradually work our way up to 250 squats which sounds intimidating but if you break them up throughout the day it’s not hard.  Do 10 an hour and there you go, all done!

Competitor put out an article back in February that discusses the benefits of squats for runners.  The author of the article believes that doing squats teaches how to be a better runner. It teaches how to stabilize the hip, knees and ankles, how to move and keep good posture, and how to engage the ‘posterior chain.’ (Posterior chain = glutes, hamstrings, and back…. I had to look this up) Without proper squat form you risk injury which could actual hinder your running.  So make sure that you are focusing on form when you do your squats!!

Happy Squatting (and Planking)!!

2 responses to “April Challenges bring May Changes

  1. I am so excited about this challenge!

    While I love group fitness classes, it always bothers me when teachers don’t correct poor form (and unfortunately they rarely do at my gym). Putting in the reps doesn’t matter if they aren’t done the correct way. Thanks for sharing! 250 squats will be killer!

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