I need my tunes.

Music. I can’t run without it.  Okay, I CAN run without it, I just really prefer to have it.  There are a couple of instances where I am okay not having it and those are either in a triathlon where it is not allowed or if I’m running with friends and I’m talking the whole time.  When I want to dig down deep though I need my music to push me forward.  While getting ready for my 10k I started to get a little obsessed with my playlist.  Seriously, I spent a very long time coming up with the perfect playlist for me. I was convinced that a magical playlist was going to help me break 50 minutes, and now I am convinced that it worked!  The second half of my run I just zoned out and ran to the beat of the music.


I used the amazing website Jog.FM that tells you the beats per minute of each song AND at what pace that song is best. Have you ever been doing a workout and a certain song helps you power through the last mile?  Or, on the contrary have a slow song come on and cause your pace to drop? This website takes all of the thinking out of it.  There were a few songs that I knew I wanted on my playlist, so I looked their BPM specifically so I would know where to place them in my playlist.  I started my playlist out with a few songs whose BPM didn’t fit with the pace I would be running, but I knew those songs would start me off right and put me in the right mood.  The songs then had progressively faster BPMs to help me continue pushing all along the way! So without further ado, here is the magical playlist that got me my PR.


The whole thing is about 53 minutes and works out for averaging 8 minutes per mile.  I’m still up in the air whether I will make a playlist for tomorrow’s race or just have my iTunes on shuffle.  Just judging by my lack of obsessing over every detail I know I am much more relaxed about this half marathon than I was about my 10k.  Let’s just hope the night before goes better this time around.

What is your go to running song?

Any suggestions on songs to buy today??


4 responses to “I need my tunes.

  1. This is awesome… I will have to try it out!

    Yesterday I listened to Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise on repeat while I ran and it was awesome. Then I heard DMX’s Party Up in the car on the way home and immediately decided that I needed to listen to it next time I ran. I guess I am feeling a little old school these days (and dating myself a bit).

    • haha I always forget about my old school favorites when making playlists. I’m sure some DMX would make me run fast!

  2. Lol at Carson, I run to Gangsta’s Paradise too! Always makes me run faster, as does Eminem’s Detroit City and Nelly’s Country Grammar. Obviously, I listened to rap in middle/high school haha. I hate all current rap but the old stuff always makes me run faster. I use all my fav country music on my easy run days because I just feel so happy and relaxed, I like to be angry when I’m running fast though!

    • Nelly!! I need to get some of his old songs. There are some Eminem songs that I love that I should add to my list too.

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