Do as I say, not as I do.

My training lately has been random, to say the least.  Since I got over having bronchitis at the beginning of this year I haven’t been following any sort of training plan.  I’ve run here, I’ve run there without any set goals in mind.  In addition to being random, my running has not been very smart.  In the last 5 weeks I have raced in a 5k, 10k, and half marathon.  Not only have a raced, but I have set significant PR’s in every single one of those races.  In doing so I have probably put a lot of stress on my body.  The weird thing is, I have never felt better! Let’s recap my running this year.



For the first 7.5 weeks of 2014, I only ran 18.6 miles.  There were several weeks where I did no form of exercise at all. Bronchitis is no fun.  I couldn’t run half a mile without my lungs burning and subsequently go into a coughing fit.  I finally got all that out of my system and came back stronger than ever.  The reason for the 8 mile weeks followed by the 24 mile weeks is because I would have my long run on Sunday one week followed up by my long run on Saturday that following weekend.  If I put this into a Monday through Sunday week, things would look a whole lot more consistent.  Regardless, I have been averaging 15.5 miles per week which isn’t great, but not terrible considering the only race that I had on my schedule was my 10k a few weeks ago.  I do not recommend this type of training at all!  Somehow it has worked for me the last few weeks, but do as I say, not as I do!

While looking at my stats for this year one thing that stood out to me was my pace.  In 2014 my runs have been (on average) one minute per mile faster than the average of all my runs from 2013.  I’m not really sure how or why, but it helps solidify in my mind that the following is going to work for me…

run less I bought this book several weeks ago and have been slowly reading through it.  My time to just sit and read is very limited these days.  I didn’t want to start a training plan yet because we are going to be traveling for 2.5 weeks so anything I started would just get disrupted.  What I’ve gotten from this book so far is that I will do 3 runs a week: speed work, a tempo run, and a distance run.  That format is pretty similar to what I have been trying to do, but this training program lays is all out for me.  It will use the most recent 5k/10k times to give me the paces that I should be running.  The biggest change for me is going to be all the cross training.  It calls for two cross training sessions a week, and the recommend either cycling, swimming, or rowing.  Looks like it’s time to dust off my bike!  I would love to add some swimming in, but it’s just not really feasible with my schedule.  I also would love to do some rowing, and we are shopping around for a rowing machine but we just haven’t found a a good deal yet.  I’ve been wanting to get back on my bike so this will be the perfect reason to do so.


That is proof that at one time I rode my bike for 102 miles straight.  If I keep reminding myself that, I think I can handle a couple of rides on the trainer!  I think there is a strength and some stretch days in there as well, but I haven’t made it that far into the book.  Their training plans are 16 weeks long which would put me at a September race, so it I think it’s time to start looking for races again!!  I have two on the schedule for later in the year, but I think an early-fall half marathon would be perfect.

Has anyone read this book or followed their plan??

What training plans do you use??

2 responses to “Do as I say, not as I do.

  1. I’ve used all kinds of plans and am using a Hansons plan right now but I got the book Advanced Marathoning and I’m going to develop my own plan (eek!) for my summer training and to carry me through 3 long races in 60 days this fall.

    • I haven’t heard of the Hansons plans, I’ll have to look those up. You’re experienced enough that you know what does and doesn’t work for you so I’m sure you’ll be successful in developing your own plan!

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