Thoughtless Thursday – Camera Roll

Tons of pictures from my camera roll over the last few weeks.  AKA a million pictures of Brice!

IMG_3201[1]We went to the book store a few weekends ago and Brice immediately went for the travel section.  Smart boy.

IMG_3270[1]Haircut #2 happened!!  I hate how much a haircut makes him look like a little boy instead of my baby. 😦

IMG_3312[1]Egg muffins have made a reappearance in our house.

IMG_3324[1]Give the boy some water and he’ll be happy for hours.  Okay more like half an hour, max.

IMG_3329[1] He thought it would be pretty funny to make me have to do weighted planks. We were about to walk about the door to head to dinner when I remembered I needed to plank and Brice just climbed right up!

IMG_3335[1]I had a nice little surprise when I opened up the dryer the other day.  I guess his truck got wet.

IMG_3338[1] Brice loves his cousin very much!!

IMG_3364[1] We ran together again!!  He made it 3 miles this time.

IMG_3376[1]I accidentally took 13 pictures of the sky, and that is not an exaggeration.  I thought I was turning the volume down but my camera was still open so each click took a picture.  Good thing the sky was beautiful!

IMG_3382[1] We wanted to try Quest Bars so we figured go big or go home.  We got a variety pack and a box of the cookies and cream.

IMG_3392[1] I’m jealous of my son’s eyelashes. I could kiss that face for days.

IMG_3394[1] We went to a gender reveal last night and if you look closely at Brice’s mouth you can see what the baby is! The secret was icing in the middle of a cupcake.

After looking at these pictures again I’ve realized how badly I need to upgrade my phone so I can have a better camera.  It’s also hard to take good pictures of a very wiggly boy.

If you have tried Quest Bars, what flavor is your favorite??

2 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday – Camera Roll

    • So far I’ve tried a few flavors and they are very good for a protein bar but I’m not blown away like I was hoping I would be!

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