Weekend recap – Ironman 70.3 edition

I’m exhausted and I haven’t even finished half of my coffee, so if this sounds likes random rambling that’s because it probably is.  We got home late last night so I haven’t transferred any pictures from my camera to the computer yet.  I did take a few random pictures here and there with my phone but most of my time was spent enjoying the atmosphere and chasing Brice around.  Being a spectator at an Ironman takes a lot of work, especially when you have to keep your eye on a toddler and trying to spot your husband out of thousands of people.  So here it goes….

We hit the road on Friday (we= Colin, a friend that also did the race, Brice and myself) to make the 3 hours drive down to Haines City.  Haines City is a couple miles southwest of Orlando, FL. It was a nice, easy drive down so we stopped by the hotel to drop the bikes off and then went straight down to the Ironman Village for the boys to check in.


Brice and I did some playing and shopping while the boys got their race stuff.

After walking around and looking at what all the vendors had to offer it was time to head to dinner.  We had some predinner entertainment of coloring on the table and seeing how many triathon/Ironman related things we could draw.


This masterpiece was a group effort.


Saturday morning came way too early.  We got up had some breakfast and headed back to the Ironman village for my 5k.  I’ll do another post specifically about the race but I’m still kicking myself for this because I could have PR’d.  It was a really fun course that ran part of the Ironman course and was extra awesome because we got to use the same finish line!!  They were holding the IronKids even right after our 5k so Brice got a head start and went ahead and ran the 25 yard dash. IMG_3411[1]

After my race the boys wanted to do a prerace shake out so they went and did a short swim, bike and run.  The area where the race was being held was so family friendly so Brice and I got to play all morning.   It was very sunny so we had to keep our shades on!  Brice thinks he is too cool for school when he wears his sunglasses… or at least for the 15 seconds he keeps them on.


He already ran that morning so he had to make sure he got some biking in too. Shortly after this picture we had a little accident where Brice’s face had a run in with the concrete. 😦  The tough little guy didn’t even cry though and I’m pretty sure it upset me more than it did him.


The rest of our day was spent shopping at the outlets.  I was way too busy snatching up amazing deals to even bother taking a single picture.  After shopping we headed to Target to get snacks for Sunday.  Let me just say, this Target was so much cooler than the one that we have.  I could have stayed there for another hour but I told Colin to get me out of there before I bought anymore unnecessary items!  Then it was dinnertime so we met up with the wife of our friend who was doing the race with Colin.  We’ve known these friends for several years now so it was really fun getting to catch up with them.  We got back to the hotel kind of late so we quickly laid out what we needed for the next day and got everything else packed because we knew that 4:30 wake up time was going to come way too quickly.

Before we knew it….. RACE DAY!!!!  They were obviously thrilled about this picture.  Or maybe they were just already tired of me taking their picture. Either way, I think it’s cute. 🙂


A full recap of the race is to come but obviously there was swimming, biking and running involved.

The run course was a 3 loop course which was awesome because we got too see the guys multiple times and even got some kisses.  It was VERY hot and sunny (I have awesome tan lines to prove it) and the course was more challenging that Colin expected but he said he loved every minute of it.


This little guy was such a trooper the whole weekend.  He decided to reward himself with a red M&M on the car ride home.  I’m still trying to figure out where this M&M came from but it nearly scared me to death when I saw all this red on his face.


I hope everyone else had a great weekend.  We have another busy week ahead as we start packing for South Africa!!!  I didn’t read a single blog this weekend either so I have lots of catching up to do.

How do you feel about being a spectator at races?

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