Challenge restart + Sore legs

As you may or may not remember, I decided to do a squat challenge in addition to Fitfluential’s April Plank-a-day challenge.  To refresh your memory, my plan was to plank every day and work my way up to a 3 minute plank and also do this…



Planking was going very well until Saturday!  I was getting my planks in every day and I was holding them longer and longer each day.

and then Friday night in the hotel we had a plank challenge and I held it for a full 3 minutes!!  Nothing like some friendly competition to make my hold a plank until my whole body is shaking.  I wish I could say my squat challenge was going as well.  When I ran my half marathon at the beginning of the month I got a day behind.  That was fine because I just skipped the next rest day and was trying to get caught up.  I haven’t done any squats since last Thursday the 10th. Today is supposed to be a rest day but I’m going to jump back on it and start off with 150 squats.  With us travelling the rest of the week I may miss a day so that should balance things out.  My legs were feeling strong when I was squatting, and I want to finish the month out right!!

Since my 5K on Saturday I haven’t done any running.  I’ve been having all kind of leg pains.  After the half marathon my left foot was bothering me.  I think it was a combination of overuse and maybe running a little funny during the half?  The pain started on the outside of my foot, but after a few days that went away.  Last week I ran with the stroller a few times and that always throws off my stride so the arch of my foot started hurting.  It almost felt like there was a knot in it.  About half a mile into my 5K I didn’t even feel that pain anymore but did feel it afterwards.  Then over the course of Saturday afternoon and Sunday my left shin started hurting really bad.  My foot feels better but my shin is still pretty sore.  I figured a few days of rest would be good for me.  This was also very good for me feet too.  I just feel bad for the guy that had to touch them…


Anyone had shin pain before?  How did you get rid of it?

Would you rather get a manicure or pedicure?

And no, these are not just for girls.  The previous pedicure I had, I sat next to a very grown man who was loving every second of it.  He did keep checking the door because he was scared someone he knew would walk in.



3 responses to “Challenge restart + Sore legs

  1. Haha my husband loves pedicures but he also has no shame. I hate manicures (but paint my nails every week myself) so I’d have to say I’m more of a pedicure person too I guess!

    • I can’t remember the last time I got a manicure! I feel like my fingernails grow way too quickly to justify paying someone to paint them when it doesn’t last very long. I would pay for just the foot massage portion of the pedicure!

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