Thoughtless Thursday – Video edition

Today is the day!!  We’re off to South Africa!  The bag are packed, the car is loaded up and we are on our way to the airport to catch our flight.  For this edition of Thoughtless Thursday I wanted to share this one video with you.  You may have seen it floating around other forms of social media, but if you haven’t you definitely need to watch it.  #worldstoughestjob

This video should also be called #worldsmostrewardingjob.  I’m so thankful that I was picked to me the mom of this silly, loving, energetic, adorable little boy.


This video also made me laugh pretty hard.  I watched Frozen with my niece a few weekends ago and even though I thought it was cute and had all this great girl power, I was very bothered with how the parents handled Elsa’s situation.  SPOILER ALERT- if you have not seen Frozen, and want to then do not watch this video if you don’t want to have part of the movie spoiled for you.

The answer is love. Always.

Any special Mother’s Day plans (for yourself or your mom/mother-in-law/grandmother/sister/aunt whomever is a mother figure for you)?

Have you seen Frozen?  Which ending did you like better?

2 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday – Video edition

  1. Your son is so cute!! I LOVE Mother’s Day. I’m thinking that my daughter and I will take my mom out to dinner. I have no idea what my husband has planned for me though!

    And I haven’t seen that Frozen alternate ending vid yet (about to watch it now), but I love the real movie!

    • Thank you, I think he’s pretty darn cute but I know I’m biased. I’m sure you mom will love being treated to dinner!!

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