Thoughtless Thursday – Liebster Award

Two weeks ago (yes I am behind on things) Kristina over at The Fast and the Foodiest nominated me for the Liebster Award!!



The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers, by other bloggers with the intention of connecting the community and bringing new visitors to blogs with fewer followers OR to a blog you love! A big thanks to Kristina for nominating me!  Y’all should really go check her out.  She always posts the most amazing looking recipes and her little mini series on her 2013 Boston Marathon experience had chills running up and down my spine.  The rules of the game are that I am to answer the 10 questions she gave me, and the other 9 bloggers, and then I am to nominate 10 bloggers and ask them questions.  Quite a few of my favorite blogs have already been nominated by others, so it’s going to take me some time to get my nominations and questions together.  PLUS this is supposed to be a thoughtless day and talking about myself doesn’t take my thought but coming up with good questions sure does make me think!

1.  Where do you draw inspiration from?

I don’t want this to come off as conceited but I find my true inspiration from within.  Yes, I read inspiration stories of people overcoming huge obstacles and I usually come away from those thinking ‘wow, if they can do it so can I’; but I’ve never had any big obstacles to overcome.  Once I figured out that it was my own head holding be back or slowing me down I realized anything is possible.

2. Stolen from Leigh Anne- your favorite vacation spot?

I’ve been to several beautiful places but for a true little vacation spot, I’d have to say Fernandina Beach, FL.   It is only about a 2.5 hour drive from where we are and it is the cutest little town.  Colin does several triathlons there so we will be making several trips this summer so I am pretty excited about that.  This is a (blurry) picture I took at sunrise during a run on Fernandina.


3. Food you will never, ever try?

Liver.  Or any other innards for that matter.

4. Food that you haven’t tried, but are totally desperate to try?

A proper risotto.  I know that sounds so simple and not really out of this world, but I’ve always seen them being made on TV and in food competitions and I would love to have a proper, professionally made dish.

5. Most memorable “foodie” moment/ most memorable meal?

When Colin and I lived in South Africa, he did sale for a company that made hot sauce and other restaurant products.  Through his job he made a lot of connections with chefs and managers at several really delicious places.  As a wedding gift one of the chefs at The Atlantic Grill located in the Table Bay Hotel invited us to come eat at his restaurant.  We were treated to a 4 course meal that was out of this world.  We both started with seafood appetizers, then they brought out a sorbet dish to cleanse our palette, then they wheeled out this amazing beef dish that they sliced and served table side.  After all of that we picked the dessert sampler but they also brought us out a specialized plate of dessert where they had written in sweet sauces “Congrats” and “Bon Voyage”.    This meal was eaten almost 4 years ago so the fact that I remember it in this much detail says a lot.  This is a picture of the hotel the restaurant is located in, and the amazing view.

table bay hotel

6. Have you climbed/hiked a mountain?  Where?

Yes!!  I feel like all of my stories started with “when we lived in South Africa” but hey when you grew up in coastal Georgia you have to travel to go hiking.  Anyway, when we lived in South Africa 🙂 Colin and I frequently went hiking.  We hiked Table Mountain, pictured above, several times and in fact will be hiking it again this weekend!  However, the most memorable hiking experience was when we went for a hike and got engaged at the top!


7. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

This one is really tough for me because I’m pretty darn proud of myself for several things.  I’m just going to pick one and say getting my accounting degree in 3.5 years and graduating with honors.  I’m proud of this because it was all me.  I didn’t have my parents there waking me up to go to class, telling me to do my homework, making sure I studied.  I stayed focused and was able to have plenty of fun at the same time.

8.  A goal of yours that makes you shake in your boots, just a little?

I want to own a business.  I already know exactly what I want to do and have started doing the research to make it happen.  It scares me not just a little, but a whole lot to put my creativity out there.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share more in the months to come!

9.  Place you would move to if given the ideal opportunity?

If by ‘ideal opportunity’ you mean that I get to bring both mine and Colin’s parents along, I think I’d like to live in Colorado.

10. Celebrity that makes you cringe?

Justin Bieber.  Enough said.

I got another nomination which I will be posting next Thursday!!

Your turn!! Answer any of the above questions!

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