Thoughtless Thursday – Jet lag.

Y’all, jet lag is real.  Our flight landed in Atlanta a little before 7am on Sunday morning and then we still had to drive the 3 hours home.  Things were going great at this point because my body thought it was the middle of the afternoon.  The only weird thing was this feeling like I just got off of a boat (you know that rocking sensation like you still feel the waves moving you??)  Then Sunday afternoon rolled around and it all hit me.

jet lag is real

Our flight left South Africa Saturday at 8pm their time (2pm EST) and I did not sleep very much at all on the flight (16 hours of flying).  I just couldn’t get comfortable, that is largely due to the fact that Brice was asleep in my arms and I rather be miserable than wake him up.  So when 2pm EST Sunday came I was feeling like a zombie.  I didn’t want to nap because that usually makes things worse and throws my body off even more.  Brice was wide awake because being a baby he gets to nap.  We spent the majority of our day outside playing with water because I heard that sunshine helps counterbalance jet lag.  The water was necessary because it was bout 95 degrees. From my instagram.

water faucet babyFortunately I have the greatest mother in the world and she came to my house before we got home (she lives 3.5 hours away) and cleaned, grocery shopped, and then did our laundry.  On top of all of that she kept Brice on Monday so that we didn’t have to send a jet lagged, time confused baby to bother his teachers and all the other kids.  Poor Colin crashed pretty hard on Sunday.  He was our driver/tour guide for the entire trip and wasn’t able to take naps in the car like the rest of us did.  It was as if he was full of adrenaline the entire trip and then was wiped out when we finally got back home.

It is now Thursday morning and I am finally feeling mostly normal.  All week I feel like I have been in a haze.  My thinking hasn’t been too great and I’m happy to be clear headed again.  I have been, literally, passing out between 8-8:30 all week but then I wake up much earlier than normal.  That would be a good thing if Brice wasn’t also waking up earlier than normal.  I’m hoping that we can get his schedule adjusted back and I keep waking up early because maybe then I will run in the mornings before the temperature gets too out of control.  We are finally all unpacked and have put everything away so my goal for this weekend is to load all of our pictures (plus combine everyone’s pictures) so that I can start sharing all of our amazing stories with y’all!!

Have you ever been jet lagged?  The only other time I had bad jet lag I was in college and it was summer so I was able to sleep as much as I wanted until I finally got over it.


2 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday – Jet lag.

  1. I did grad school in England and flew back every 3 months for a long visit so I got very used to jet lag. The crazy thing, though, is that even though the time difference with South Africa is similar to the US/UK difference, no jet lag was ever as bad as the one I had coming back from South Africa. I think it was the 16 hour flight that screws things up! Neither Joe or I slept on the long flight back and it took nearly 2 weeks until we felt totally normal.

    • That flight must have something to do with it! When we moved home from SA we flew up to Europe, stayed there for about 2 weeks and then flew home and I didn’t have jet lag like this. Even with the jet lag I’d go back next week if I could!

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