I miss spring

Where did spring go??  It was here before we left for South Africa and then when we got back it was already full-blown summer!! Happy Nurses AND Teacher appreciation week!  I hope all you nurses and teachers have been showered with love over the week.  One perk of working in a hospital is that the goodies eventual trickle down to me.  I really like ice cream.

IMG_3565[1]When I got home on Wednesday I really wanted to go for a run.  Colin was out cycling so I decided to go ahead and change into my running clothes any try to convince Brice that he wanted to go for a ride.  This probably would have been as easy as convincing a hippo that he wants to go to the dentist.  The boy was already unhappy with me because he had to leave the playground at school to come home so  luckily Colin got home right after I finished changing clothes.

When I started my run I had no goal in mind.  This was my first run in 3 weeks so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I laced up the Brooks, slapped on the Garmin and headed out the door.  I didn’t take my phone with me or any music because I just wanted to get out there and see how my body felt without any distractions.  Bad idea.  I really could have used some distractions because all I kept thinking about was how insanely hot it was!  A half mile in I saw my friend driving and we hadn’t seen each other in weeks so she stopped and we chatted for a bit.  Once I started back again I was really wishing I had brought some water with me.  Then I told myself: just go two miles, it will be a slow ease back into running.  I got to the one mile point and turned around.  That’s when I remembered that there is now a water fountain next to the new bathrooms at our neighborhood park!  So I made it to the water fountain and splashed my face and had a sip.  That got me rejuvenated so I decided to run a few laps around the track.  3 laps and done.  More water fountain action and I decided to just head home.  On my way home I saw Kathryn outside about to go for a run and I told her to just turn around and not even bother. 🙂 I’m so encouraging.  I ended up doing 2.6 miles which definitely isn’t great for me, but it’s a start.

A few things I learned during my run:

1. Do not eat ice cream an hour and a half before you plan on running in 90 degree weather.


2. Always bring my music. I may not think I want it, but the distraction is nice.

3. Wake up early and run if you don’t want to melt this summer because it’s only May and summer hasn’t even started!

Have you felt the impact of summer yet or are you having a crazy late winter?

4 responses to “I miss spring

    • I’m going to be doing a lot of indoor exercising or running in the middle of the night if I’m going to survive this summer!

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