Weekend Fails


We had an amazing weekend full of lots of fun, but there were several things that I failed to do.  On Friday night we went over to some friends to grill out.  Seeing Brice play with their dog just kinds of solidifies my thoughts that he really needs a dog.  All in time. Fail #1 was that I didn’t take any pictures of our friends or of all the delicious food that we had.  I was too busy taking pictures and videos of Brice playing fetch and laughing hysterically at the dog.

IMG_3578[1] When we got home Friday night, for some crazy reason I thought it would be a good idea to wear sweat pants to sleep in.  Do you remember my last post about how it feels like it is already a million degrees outside??  Fail #2.  What’s even more of a fail is that I didn’t change or take them off in the middle of the night when I woke up sweating to death. IMG_3583[1]My first thought when I woke up Saturday morning (okay second, my first thought was why am I still wearing these sweat pants?) was coffee.  Brice was still asleep, Colin was out cycling so I was so excited to just sit in peace and quiet and drink my coffee.  I opened up the pantry to see this…

Fail #3  The left pod is for our Nespresso machine and all of their red pods are decaf.  On the right is our Keurig and as you can clearly see, it too is decaf.  I dug around a little bit and after sorting through the 10 different kinds of tea we have, I found these little caramel latte packets that I bought a while back.  Not the best thing in the world but it just had to do.

We had big plans to clean out all of our cabinets and get everything reorganized this weekend.  Fail #4 – we didn’t finish cleaning.  Brice figured he would help us out though so he started to empty out the cabinets in the bathroom.  He then proceeded to empty out my curlers on to the floor.  He was so proud of himself when he put two back in the I couldn’t get upset with him!  I chose to crop the picture so you can’t see all the curlers that fell out, I didn’t want to get in trouble for child indecency.

IMG_3585[1] My last fail of the weekend is probably the one I am most disappointed about.  Fail #5:  I didn’t run.  I had full intentions of meeting my friends Saturday morning to go for a run but they weren’t running until a little after 10 and I had a lot to get done Saturday morning (that will be a separate post) so I didn’t go.  I should have just gone immediately after Colin got home from his workout but after fails #2 and 3 I wasn’t prepared.  So instead I had Colin come up with a workout for me to do that I could squeeze in during nap time.IMG_3593[1] What Coach come up for me was 20 squats, 20 front and back lunges (10 left, 10 right), 20 burpees, 20 push ups, 20 shoulder raises (10 left, 10 right), 20 kettle bell swings, and 20 AbMat crunches.  I was to do AMRAP <– crossfit lingo for as many rounds as possible 🙂  in 30 minutes.  I made it through 2 full rounds in about 24 minutes and then I was done.  This was my first real workout in weeks and it hurt so good!! I’m still feeling the results of this workout today.IMG_3596[1] The one thing that I truly can say that I DID NOT fail at this weekend was spending as much time as possible with this little booger.  He is the busiest, messiest, silliest little boy that I know and I soak up every second that I can with him! He’s teething right now so he was a little out of form this weekend but that just called for some extra snuggles and who am I to complain about that?? Cleaning and running can wait, but my time with this little guy can’t!



Did you fail to do anything you had planned/wanted to do this weekend?

What did you do instead of your plans?

6 responses to “Weekend Fails

  1. Your fails aren’t too bad! The no coffee thing would drive me insane though. I love watching kids with dogs 🙂 My oldest dog and middle nephew are only 5 months apart in age and they’re now 8 and watching them together from baby through now is the cutest thing ever.

    • That’s so sweet about your dog and nephew! I used to have a dog that was close to my nieces age and it was fun to watch them play together!

  2. The coffee thing would’ve put me over the edge. We don’t buy decaf (I prefer leaded over unleaded every day of the week), but I hate opening the pantry to find that all the coffee is gone. Seeing kids play with dogs is the best. My husband and I talk all the time about how we hope when we have kids that they become BFFs with our dogs.

    • I’m not even sure where the Keurig decaf came from! I’m sure your kids will be BFFs with your dog! Your kiddos will be very well protected, too!

  3. As someone who is surrounded by crazy coffee drinkers, I can only imagine your horror at Saturday morning’s fail. It looks like a great, laid-back weekend though! And yes, every child needs a dog as a playmate : )

    • I think if we got a dog we wouldn’t have to by our son another toy ever again. I made sure I ordered extra coffee so that I don’t ever run out again, it was not a nice surprise!

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