A Graduation Celebration

This past Saturday we had the honor of celebrating our dear friend Austin’s graduation.  He graduated with his degree in Exercise Physiology and was named ExPhy Student of the Year!  Colin met Austin 3.5 years ago through rugby and they quickly formed a bond of all things rugby, cycling, and Paleo.  Austin and his sweet girlfriend Morgan have become good friends and in additional to being great people they love Brice so that just gives them even more gold stars in my book!  They stayed out our house for us while we were in South Africa and will be babysitting Brice so Colin and I can go out for our anniversary this week.  Us, along with Austin’s family, Morgan’s family and some other friends got together to eat, drink and celebrate the ending of a chapter for Austin.  Here are some details about the graduation celebration!

Austin is very knowledgable about nutrition and he’s all for the Paleo lifestyle.  Morgan and I often pick on him when he eats up his fair share of carbs, but to be nice I made some Paleo friendly meals.  The first one was bacon wrapped green bean bundles.  I simply boiled some fresh green beans and half way cooked the bacon.  I cooked the bacon in the oven at 350 F for 5 minutes to get it partially cooked.


Then I cut the bacon pieces in half and wrapped them around 10 green beans.  Once you wrap them all up you put the dish back in the oven and cook another 5-6 minutes, or until the bacon looks like it is fully cooked.  This is such a simple, yet delicious dish.  One variation that I have done before is to pour a butter/brown sugar mixture over the wrapped green beans before cooking and it is SOOO yummy but not nearly as healthy.  When the bacon is fully cooked the end stick together which makes for easy serving.


The other dish that I made was guacamole.  We buy bags of avocados and eat them frequently.  I rarely turn down a ripe avocado!  So a guacamole was the perfect appetizer to take with us.  For this one I used 6 ripe avocados, half of a tomato, and about a fourth of a red onion.  Normally I would chop up some cilantro and jalapeno to add in there, but this was a last minute idea and we were out of both of those.


This is a picture of everything that went in to the dish.  Avocado, red onion, tomato, red pepper flakes, lime juice, salt, Brice’s sock, and garlic powder.  All of the seasoning I just do to taste, no measuring here.  I in fact do not even own measuring spoons.  I could eat this stuff with just a spoon!


Brice was in heaven again because there was another dog to play with!  This dog was so sweet with Brice.  This picture is not indication of all the kisses that she was giving.  When there is a dog around, I do not need to bring any other forms of entertainment.  He just runs around barking and trying to pet them. Disclaimer: no matter how sweet a dog is we don’t let Brice be unsupervised around them.  He is just a baby and learning how to be easy with dogs and an accidental ear or tail pull may set off even the sweetest dog.


Mr. Independent didn’t need any help getting into the chair like all of the other big boys.  He would climb right up all by himself.


However, he did need a little assistance for his pull ups.  The bar was just a little too high off of the ground for him to reach it himself. No worries, Austin came to his rescue!  Brice and Austin here twins on Saturday as they were both rocking their Springbok (the South African rugby team) gear.


Another situation where the boy doesn’t NEED help climbing stairs but I require that he holds someone’s hand if he’s going to climb them like a grown up and now your typical baby style.  That is one thing that I noticed while we were in South Africa.  We were together with all of our friends and the other kids there would crawl up the steps and then back down them (there was about 5 steps).  By doing this, they would not fall and could manage it by themselves.  Brice on the other hand tries to climb the steps in the normal grown up way, and he tries to go down them like we would too.  We don’t have stairs in our house so he probably picked up how to go up and down stairs by watching us and he tries to copy it.


So one last big congratulations to Austin on his graduation and we’re glad you’re sticking around town for now. 🙂  Brice is too! I think it is safe to say that they love each other!


If you are a college grad, what did you get your degree in?  

Any special award winners out there?

4 responses to “A Graduation Celebration

  1. My undergrad degree was in English with minors in French and History. It’s so weird how long ago college seems on one hand and yet freshman year also kind of feels like yesterday…

    I love Brice doing things like a big kid/grown up! What a cutie.

    • 2 minors? Girl, how many degrees do you have? 🙂 My niece was born during my first semester at college so I have a visual reminder of how quickly the time is passing. It’s hard for me to think it has been 9 years since I graduated from high school and started college! Brice is also growing too fast, where is the pause button?

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