Thoughtless Thursday – the Grump

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Tuesday morning started out so absolutely amazing.  Colin woke me up and I vaguely remember him saying something about coffee.  I dozed off again and woke up a minute later to an amazing cup of coffee!!


The amazing coffee was followed up by an equally amazing breakfast.  Eggs, smoked salmon, avocado and toast.  We’ve been obsessed with smoked salmon lately and I really think I could eat this for breakfast every day.



That is about where the amazing stuff stopped.  When I got to work on Tuesday I was super grumpy.  I know the reason for my bad attitude, but I’m saving that announcement for next week!  To increase my bad mood I found out that strollers are not allowed in the 5k that I was planning on running this weekend.  We are heading to the beach for the Jekyll Island Turtle Craw with some friends and most of them are doing the triathlon so Kathryn and I were going to do the 5k and I was just going to push Brice in the stroller.  I was very excited for this race so finding out I wasn’t able to do it increased my bad mood.  My mom volunteered my dad to drive down to watch Brice (yes my parents are that good to me) but I didn’t want to ask him to drive 1.5 hours one way just for me to do a little 5k.  If it had been a longer distance than by all means I would have asked him to come down!  I emailed the race director and explained to them that no where on the registration site does it say no strollers.  (Kathryn found it on the paper application that was on Jekyll Island’s website) Fortunately the race director was very understanding and they are going to refund my registration fee and they are working to make the course stroller friendly for next year.  I just want to note that I understand not allowing strollers.  Jogging stroller are big and bulky and the 5k course is the same as the triathlon run course and having strollers out there would just cause even more traffic and could frustrate some people.  Looks like Brice and I will just have to get an early start on our sand castle building!  ANYWHO! I’m getting off on a tangent here, back to my bad attitude. 🙂 I was able to get out for a short run Tuesday evening which did improve my mood!  I love how running can do that.


Colin buying me these apple chips also helped the Grump go away.


Unfortunately, there were some other grumpiness inducing things that happened so the Grump was back Wednesday morning. I didn’t have time to do anything to my hair so I threw on this headband and after two hours it gave me a headache.

Then the same reason I originally was a Grump on Tuesday happened on Wednesday. Just more grumpiness. The pain was eased by a little pizza and beer. But trying to eat dinner in a restaurant with a sleepy 15 month old can be stressful.


Today is a new day and it’s not just any day.  It’s our wedding anniversary!!  It’s hard to believe it has been 4 years already.  I’m going to lunch with some friends and then Colin and I are going out to dinner tonight.  Just the two of us.  No babies allowed.   If you’re feeling a little like a Grump or just need a laugh, watch these two videos.  They even put a smile on my face yesterday. 🙂

What is your go-to cure for when you are grumpy?

4 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday – the Grump

  1. My go-to cures (other than running) are usually going out for ice cream and playing with my dogs. The younger one especially is just the biggest goof and even if I want to stay cranky around her, I just can’t. I told Joe that she was the best decision ever right before my PhD started, she has been a lifesaver. And a giant cone with rainbow sprinkles tends to help too 😉

    • I think a good night in front of the TV with cake and ice cream would have cheered me up! Sounds like pets keep everyone happy! 🙂

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