Nice guys finish last

I’ve come to the conclusion that if nice guys finish last then rule followers don’t even get to start (or finish!) I was all set to run the 5k that was part of the Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl on Saturday until I found out that no strollers were allowed. After seeing the course I really understood why they has this restriction. Part of the course became very narrow (I think it was just a side-walk) and triathletes and 5k runners were on the same course, at the same time. BUT what has made me angry is that there were several people who ran the race with a stroller. That’s what I get for being a rule follower!! We still had a lot of fun though and it was such a nice weekend.  Here is a recap in pictures!


Testing out the sand to see just how much he wanted to eat over the rest of the weekend.  I guess it passed the test because I’m pretty sure he ate his weight in sand.



Relaxing on the tailgate, eating some breakfast and watching all the cyclists go by.


Hanging out after the race waiting for the awards ceremony.  Our group did pretty well.  We had a 5k F25-29 age group winner, an overall female triathlon winner, and first and second placers in the M25-29 age group!


Feeding the ducks before we head to the beach.  These ducks were awesome.  They would eat out of your hand and even let you pet them.  I had a hard time getting Brice away from them!


Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!


I’m not sure if this little boy could have been any happier!


Piggy back rides to try to burn off some energy while we wait for dinner.


Wild.  That is really all I need to say.  This boy was taking oyster shells and dipping them into my grits. It kept him entertained so we could all eat dinner at the same time, so I’ll take it!


Boy is eyeing my dipped  cone pretty hard!!  Yes, I shared.  ^after taking this picture I started questioning why my pictures weren’t very clear anymore.  Turns out that a LifeProof case may protect your phone from everything, but it makes your pictures not so great….


Last day, just looking at boats!  Squinty eyes for everyone!


So impressed by this guys performance this weekend!!!  It was not an easy race (especially coming off of vacation and little training to prepare) but he crushed it. I’m extra sad I didn’t do the race and win a sea turtle metal.

What was the best part of your weekend?


6 responses to “Nice guys finish last

    • Thanks!! I’ll take credit for their races 🙂 Brice loved the sand but didn’t enjoy is thorough scrub down afterwards.

  1. Nice bling! Love dat turtle! Where is that…where the sand seems to go on forever until you hit water?

    • Isn’t that turtle awesome?! It’s St Simon’s Island, Georgia. Great beach for running or other beach activities with lots of flat sand.

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