Ironman 70.3 Florida Race Recap


So this recap never happened.  I started to write it, well actually I just put all the pictures into a drafted posted with big plans to do a full recap (from my point of view plus Colin’s.)  It has been over five weeks since this race happened so I’m just going to save you all the reading and give you lots of pictures and a few comments here and there.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Colin’s age group M 25-29 was the VERY last group to start the swim.  This meant the guys were able to watch the pros do the entire swim and we were sitting right where they entered transition.


The boys before they headed to start their swim.


The swim was in a lake and was in the shape of an M which meant several turns with a lot of congestion.  The weirdest swim I’ve ever seen!DSCN3223

They are somewhere in that sea of red swim caps.


Colin coming out of the swim.  Being the last group to start meant they had a lot of people to deal with.  His swim time was a little slower than he was aiming for, but the conditions can’t be controlled.


This is where Colin’s bike was.  His T1 was so insanely fast that by the time I watched him run up then walked over to get a picture he was already gone!!DSCN3233

Sweet boy reading his animal book.  That scrape still makes me sad, and I’m glad it’s healed!


The run was a three loop course which was great for us because we get to see the guys 3 times!  This was loop one.  All smiles at this point.


When you see your husband holding the area his heart is while doing a half Ironman, it scares you half to death.  I then realized that he had put ice down his top and was trying to cool down. 🙂  It was very hot that day, and I still have awesome tan lines to prove it.


Coming down the finishers’ chute!


All done!!  Pretty cool looking medal’s too.  I love this picture of Brice.


Family picture. Yes, I changed shirts.  Reference the it was really hot and tan lines comment above. Loving Brice’s silly middle part here.


Swim 00:45:32 Bike 02:43:15 Run 02:06:33 Overall 05:40:06

Time wise this was not Colin’s best race (not even close) but he wasn’t doing it to break a PR.  The reason for this race was to get him motivated to start training early so he had a good base before the full Ironman training started.  From my point of view the race was very well organized.  I did run in to some not so nice spectators (hello! woman with a baby, please do not push me out of the way to get a better view when I have been camped out here for hours!!) The finisher’s area needed some work though.  They were running out of food by the time that Colin finished.  ?? Don’t they know that triathletes like pizza, and lots of it?

Half iron

I was so proud of Colin during this race because he stayed cool, calm and collected even when the conditions were not great.  The course was hillier than expected, the weather was MUCH hotter, and the swim was just a mess.  It was good for him to get this distance race done and really put him in to the right mentality for September!!!

Have you ever watched an Ironman? 70.3 or 140.6?

9 responses to “Ironman 70.3 Florida Race Recap

  1. Congrats to him for finishing a tough race strong! I have never watched a tri but maybe one day I will check it out…they seem so inspiring to watch!

  2. Congrats again to Colin 🙂 I’ve never watched an Ironman except Kona on tv every year! I’ve done and watched Olympic distance though, I think it may actually be way more stressful/exciting to watch the husband race than for me to race.

    • That race was very spectator friendly which doesn’t always happen! Watching Kona always makes me all emotional with the stories they tell.

    • Are you in Auguata?? I did that one in 2011 and it was awesome. You should volunteer it’s such a fun environment to be in!

  3. Wow, that is so amazing he finished an Ironman. I am a terrible swimmer, otherwise I’d love to tri…get it. Haha. And Brice is a total doll!

    • This was his 3rd half Ironman Crazy guy is doing a full one in September! haha I love a good tri joke! You’d be surprised at how quickly you can pick up swimming. You should give it a tri. 😉

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