Thoughtless Thursday – Eats and Treats

Man, we have had some absolutely delicious eats and treats lately.  The best part is that some of the most delicious have been VERY healthy!  Make sure you have eaten before reading because you will get hungry.  First up, POMs pomegranate lychee green tea. I love all these ingredients separately so I figured I would try them together.  Delicious!


Our appetizer from our anniversary dinner last week.  Tuna tar tar with feta and corn salsa, a balsamic reduction, and I can’t reemerge what the green stuff was.  It was good whatever it was.

Even more tuna.  I didn’t look at the entrees before I picked out the appetizer.  I can’t say that I am upset about my decision.  Seared blackened tuna with grits, cabbage and black eyed peas.  You can see a little bit of Colin’s scallops and pork belly in the background.  I could eat both of these every day.


Instead of going out to dinner the night before the triathlon our new friend Lee cooked dinner for everyone.  This guy needs to own his own restaurant, his food was that good! Spring salad with strawberries, red onion, candied pecans (that he made himself), feta and a homemade apple cider vinegar dressing.  I’ll be eating this every night for the rest of the week.


Followed up with a blurry picture of the eggplant chicken lasagna.  Lee even made the tomato sauce that went in this.  Bonus -> PALEO!  It’s blurry because I had a wiggly boy in my lap who was trying to jump right into the plate of food.  I don’t even like eggplant and this meal was amazing.


Best.nachos.ever  Lobster nachos with a spicy sour cream sauce topped with a giant scoop of guacamole.  This plate was split between Colin, myself, Matt and Kathryn and we all but licked the plate clean.


This is a new creation from our kitchen.  It’s a modified tomato, onion and cucumber salad.  We added chicken and I threw some broccoli in with mine.  We use an herb infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The perfect meal for this hot weather we’ve been having.  (too bad I ate mind sitting at my desk)


Roasted radishes!!  I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile now and our grocery store finally had radishes in stock.  I have a good memory of eating radishes fresh out of the ground from our garden when I was little.  Roasting them really mellows the flavor and brings out a little sweetness.  I sprinkled these with salt, pepper, and some fresh dill.  Brice even ate some so they must be good.


We all need some treats every now and then (or every day)  This was my drink that went along with our anniversary dinner.  They called it the Porch Swing and included house infused watermelon vodka, lemonade, a splash of champagne and mint (plus I think some watermelon juice??) It was so light and refreshing and would be the perfect drink to sip on sitting on your front porch swing in the middle of summer. 🙂


Cupcakes. We had these at work as my bosses little going away farewell.  I had one of the Key Lime ones and it was very tasty.  It’s one of the two in the second row to the far right.  I’ve tried several flavors from Smallcakes and the Key Lime was in my top three for sure!


What is the best thing you have eaten lately??

9 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday – Eats and Treats

    • I think I’m going to have to make a trip to the donut shop this weekend!

  1. I have never tried roasting radishes, but that sounds like a great idea! I usually slice mine really thinly and drizzle with a little water and salt and just eat them raw. It’s how my grandmother taught me to eat them out of the garden so I’ve just stuck with it. Also – all that tuna! Want.

    • Roasting the radishes really changed the flavor. Fresh out of the garden is the best way to eat them 🙂

    • I’ve had it for 5 weeks and I’m only about a third of the way through. I’ll eventually finish it but I’m struggling to really get in to it. My husband asked why I bought it and I said “because she wrote Harry Potter, duh!”

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