Well thanks, Friday.

Oh Friday, it’s so nice of you to finally show up.  It’s been a LOOOOOOONNNGGG week in the IRHT (<– I just made that a thing) household. It’s been a long time coming, but Colin and I finally decided it was time that Brice sleeps all night, in his bed.  It’s been no secret among our friends and family that Brice is not a good sleeper.  Never has been.  In the 15.5 months since he was born he has slept through the night 3 times.  That means that in the last 15.5 months (plus a few more because being really pregnant and sleep don’t get along) I have slept ALL night long 0 times.  When you have a kid who always wakes up during the night and then they don’t wake up you get really freaked out and keep checking if they are breathing. So on Sunday night we started sleep training.  That will be a whole mommy post on its own about what has worked for us, but let’s just say that this week neither Colin or I has gotten a full nights rest. Not sleeping well + training = we need some rest.  Progress is being made so we’re moving in the right direction.  Other than the lack of sleep here are other examples of why our week has been a little rough.

Monday morning I got a call from Brice’s daycare.  It’s never fun to see that number pop up on your phone because there was no reason for them to call me unless something had happened with Brice.  Turns out that he was having some sort of allergic reaction to their morning snack.  The daycare director sent me this picture that made me so sad.  The reaction wasn’t terrible but all around his mouth and cheeks was getting red and very splotchy.  Something similar had happened once before when he had whole milk in his oatmeal.  I went and picked up some Claritin and by the time I got there to give it to him, it had already gotten better but was still noticeable.  He was acting find though.



Then on Tuesday morning when I went to get him out of his car seat to take him in to daycare, this is how I found him.  Sleep training has meant less sleep for all of us, but at least he gets to nap!  I felt terrible waking him up but I had to head to work.

sleep training

I got in a great run Monday night but when I woke up Tuesday morning the arch of my foot was hurting.  It is the exact pain that I talked about several weeks ago.  I forgot to bring our lacrosse ball that we use to roll out our feet so I had to make do with a roll of tape. 🙂  Office supplies to the rescue! I’ve been doing this several times a day (plus somehow I convinced Colin to massage my foot) and it’s feeling better so hopefully that doesn’t turn in to anything worse.

arch pain

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or maybe there is something going around but on Tuesday afternoon my throat started feeling scratchy.  By Tuesday night it had gotten sore, but I am refusing to get sick.  I dug through the 10 boxes of tea that we have and found this tea.  Gross. No amount of honey could make this stuff taste good.  I saw lemon on the front, but then when you read the back it talks about licorice  and bitter fennel fruit.  One of the ingredient’s was marshmallow leaf.  Marshmallow’s come from leaves?

Gross echinacea

Hump day.  Brice had his 15 month checkup on Wednesday and had to get 3 shots.  Plus all the poking and prodding they usually do to check out everything.  He wasn’t too happy with us.  One of his ears looked a bit red, which may be why he’s having trouble staying asleep at night??  They prescribed some antibiotics so hopefully that will magically get him sleeping.  I can dream right? (daydream!) His doctor also wants for us to take him for an allergy test so we can figure out what has been causing the reactions.  That’s really not going to be fun for anyone involved.


Yep those are teeth marks.  At some point Wednesday afternoon Brice got in to a little scuffle on the school yard and was on the receiving end of a bit.  I’m just kidding, I have no idea how this went down but his teachers didn’t even know he got bit because the kid is too tough and never cries when he falls (or gets bit.)

bite mark

And now here I am bored.out.of.my.mind.  Today is MY LAST DAY AT MY CURRENT JOB.  I’ve wrapped up all my projects so I haven’t had any work to do the majority of this week yet I’m still required to sit in this windowless office and watch the hours tick away.


We’ve got medicine, a new job, and a long weekend to help get us all get back on track! We all need our rest so that our bodies can heal themselves and grow.  I’ll try and explain that to Brice tonight. 🙂

Do you have any allergies?  If so, what?

8 responses to “Well thanks, Friday.

  1. I’m allergic to a bunch of fruits (apples, pears, plums, peaches, etc) but not citrus fruit. It’s super weird and you find apples in the strangest freaking places which you wouldn’t know unless you spent your whole life trying to avoid them.

    • I thought about you and your apple allergy! Those fruits you are allergic to are everywhere!

  2. Good luck with allergy testing with your little man! It is no fun. Luckily I have no allergies (except just the seasonal non specific pollen related ones that everyone has in the south).

    • They’re doing a blood test and I’m really nervous because I know he won’t sit still. I understand you on the pollen allergy!

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