It was about time

Despite surviving on limited sleep all week, Colin and I have had a very successful week of workouts.  Good thing we got our ridiculously large order of coffee in so that we still function normally.


That is enough coffee for 244 cups.  Yes, we have two different kinds of coffee machines. If Colin had his way we would have a third.  Yes, that is a ridiculous amount of coffee to buy at one time but I didn’t want this to happen again. Fueled by caffeine and delirium here is what we accomplished this week.

Monday: Speedwork was on the calendar for myself.  I warmed up by running from our house over to the track which was about .75 miles and then got started on my 200 repeats. I would run 200m all out then have 200m recovery. I did 8 then headed back home. I did these after work and it was TOUGH! I had some little boys chasing me on their scooters which pushed me because I couldn’t let an 8 year old out scoot me! Ended up doing 3.1 miles.

Tuesday: I’m really proud of this. I woke up early and got on my bike for the first time in two years. Just a quick 30 minute spin that felt oh so good.

Wednesday: I was planning on getting up early and going for a run but that didn’t happen. I attempted to do a workout that evening but when your sweet boy grabs your hand and wants you to go play, you go play. I was able to get in some burpees, ab work, and kettle bell swings though.

Thursday: Since I didn’t run Wednesday I shuffled things around and did a tempo run Thursday evening (way too exhausted to do it in the morning.) My plan was to progressively speed up to 5k race pace and try and hold that for 1 mile, recover, then pick it back up again. I made it through the warmup and my race pace mile, then I died. My shoelace came untied and stopping for the brief bit did me in. It was 90 degrees outside, I wasn’t hydrated properly, and I hadn’t slept enough. I called it a day and headed back home at 3 miles.

Friday: another 30 minutes on my bike!! I got a new Bic Bands that has cycling gears on it so I had to put it to good use.


Saturday: I had planned to go for a longish run, but I have somewhat of a cough so I wanted to give my body some rest.  I really want to race in a 5k on Monday so I wanted to make sure my body got at least some rest this week.

Sunday: I’m going to get out (or on the treadmill because Colin has to do a brick) and test my lungs to make sure they feel good.  My cough was getting worse last night do I don’t foresee that going too well.

I’m really happy with my workouts this week.  It was about time that I had a good week of training!  My mileage wasn’t a lot but I stayed consistent and got my workouts in. I’m so happy to be getting back on my bike and feeling good. No, my runs weren’t the best but I did them and that counts for a lot. This week was just what I needed to get me excited to start training again. I’m trying to be proactive about this cough because I had bronchitis earlier this year and that put me out for awhile. I REALLY hope it’s not bronchitis again.

Colin had another great week of training, too.  Monday- easy 1200m swim Tuesday- 1.5 hour ride Wednesday- 10k run Thursday- easy 1500m swim Friday- 2.5 hour ride Saturday- 8 mile run Sunday- will be doing a brick (was supposed to be a rest day but he’s moving his Monday workout to today so he can have Monday off)  This week coming up he is having a week full of ‘tests’ so his coach can see where he is standing and use that as his base for the next several weeks of workouts.  Things are about to get very busy for Colin!! I’ve tried explaining to him that he need to take more pictures of his workouts for me, but he’s not too enthusiastic about selfies. 😉



What was your best or favorite workout this week?

6 responses to “It was about time

    • Thanks!! I self medicated early enough that I think I’m going to be a-okay.

    • I need my coffee to get my day going! Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway, I’ll check it out!

    • I forgot how much I love my bike. It’s a good way to loosen sore muscles too!

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