Workouts of the Week 5/26 – 6/01

I fully intended to get this post up first thing this morning but the weirdest thing happened when I woke up. I could not get out of bed, literally. My lower back hurt so bad that I physically could not get up. It was fine in the middle of the night when Brice woke up so I’m not too sure what happened between 3am and 6am to cause me so much pain. I don’t think it’s anything that some heat and good stretching won’t fix, but it sure doesn’t feel good!

We had another good week of training last week. My mileage is remaining low, but I am intentionally keeping it that way for now. Colin’s mileage however is quickly going up!!

Monday – 5k for me at an average pace of 7:44. (I forgot to stop my watch at the finish)


A brick workout of a 2 hour ride outside with 25 minute treadmill run (because it was a billion degrees outside) for Colin.


Tuesday – When I got off work on Tuesday I knew Brice was in the middle of his nap at school. I quickly ran home and jumped on my bike for 35 minutes. I did 20 minute warm up spin and then 5 x 1min hard with 1min recover then a 5 minute cool down. After getting off I noticed that my bike had spider webs on it. I told you it had been awhile!

spider web

Colin participated in a local time trial and won!! This fit in perfectly with his training because his coach wanted him to do a ‘bike test’ so they could set a baseline for future workouts.


Wednesday – I did an at home workout. I can’t remember exactly what I did but it involved burpees, squats, pushups and lots and lots of core work. Colin did his ‘swim test’ this day. He was to warm up and then see how far he could swim in 10 minutes. I’m proud of how far Colin’s swimming has come in such a short time. He is getting super speedy in the pool! Colin joined in for the core work I did so we had a plank-off. I’m sad to report that I gave in once the little monkey climbed on my back.

plank off

Thursday – I had an unplanned rest day today. Brice had a rough night Wednesday night (4 teeth cutting through at once L) so I opted to sleep an extra hour instead of workout. Then we had to go get his allergy testing taken care of in the afternoon so after that I chose snuggles instead of sweating. Colin got in his second swim of the week. This swim had various workouts that were based off of the timing from his swim test.

Friday – 5 easy miles on the golf cart paths by Colin’s parent’s house. Colin had his run test on the schedule for today so we (Colin, his dad, and myself) did an easy 20 minute warm up together, then Colin took off to do his 15 minute test and his dad picked up his pace too but I decided to just keep going at an easy pace. We met back up and ran another 12 minutes together. I ended up doing 5.05 miles at an average of 9:18. All of my miles were in the 9:15-9:20 range and it was nice to slow it down and just enjoy the run. I really wish we had trails like these closer to home!!


Lots of teeth and little eyes.


Saturday – OFF- unless you want to count the 5 minutes I ran during my shoe fitting.

Sunday – Colin had another brick on the schedule and unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. It was VERY windy and there were small thunderstorms popping up all around us so he was stuck inside for the bike portion. He did 2 hours and 15 minutes on the trainer, talk about getting mental prepared, then went and ran 5.6 miles outside. He got rained on during the run but said that it actually helped cool him off! I really wanted to get in a workout too so I got creative. Brice needed a snack so I pulled his high chair into the garage, gave him some watermelon, and set up some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I ran until he decided he had enough which was 20 minutes and I did 2.25 miles in that time. I was hoping for closer to 30 but hey, it’s Brice’s world and I’m just living in it. 🙂

snack time run

Runners: What is your typical weekly mileage?

Nonrunners: What has been your favorite workout lately?

7 responses to “Workouts of the Week 5/26 – 6/01

  1. I love the bada$$ treadmill running picture. It reminds me of that picture of the dude smiling while running in a race (that went viral last year maybe?). I’m sorry about your back–obviously something went awry during the night. That can be scary when you wake up to something like that. It is one thing to wake up and be stiff–to be in pain is completely different. I take back pain VERY seriously because of my husband and my mom, but their problems are pretty intense. Still, though, pain is pain is pain! I hope you are feeling better, but way to get a lot done this week while navigating life!

    • It’s rather annoying how guy tend to be so photogenic, especially while running. As the day went on my back loosened up and the pain subsided some, so hopefully tomorrow it will feel even better.

  2. Love the creative workouts in there 🙂 I average around 40-45 mpw right now though I’m hoping to slowly bump it up to around 60 by next year. This range feels super comfortable to me but I’d like to cautiously push myself higher and see if it jumpstarts some progress.

    • 60? I don’t think I’ve ever done more than something in the 20s but then again I’ve never trained for more than a half. How many days a week do you typically run?

      • 6 days a week! So 40-45 isn’t bad, lots of 5-7 milers and a longer weekend run. 60 would be an adjustment but I’ll build there very slowly.

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