I run…

Happy National Running Day!!  National Running Day is held on the first Wednesday of June every year.  You can go here to read more about the day.  Be on the look out for discounts on running gear.  One discount in particular that I know about is for the Rock ‘n Roll series.  They are offering anywhere from 14-25% off their races, depending on the location.

There are many different reasons that I run but when Cori over at Olivetorun challenged everyone to write a post completing the following statement : “I run _______.” there were four reasons that immediately came to mind.

aloneThe only true full-time job in this world is being a parent.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year X FOREVER. It is the hardest yet most fulfilling job possible, but sometimes you need a few moments alone.   No matter where I am in the house Brice has a way of finding me.  In the bathroom?  He’ll be knocking on the door.  In the shower?  He’s running in to splash around (our shower is walk-in so there is no door to keep him out) Running is MY time where I get to be completely alone.  I do enjoy running with friends but typically for my shorter runs during the week it’s just me, myself and I.clearThis ties in with #1 above.  My brain never shuts off, which is good because if it did means I would be dead.  Between work, Brice, home chores, Colin’s training, and many other things I’m always thinking about something.  When I run it’s like my thoughts switch over and don’t think about the million things on my to do list.  If I’m irritated before a run, by the time I finish I have put things in to perspective and feel much better.  While running is usually when I am the most creative and come up with projects I want to do, or I’m able to just enjoy the view.dessertI’m only being honest.  It’s not as if I only eat dessert on the days that I run, but going for a nice hard run makes me feel better about eating a cookie.runningThis, is the #1 reason that I continue to pound the pavement.  I grew up playing sports and have always loved the competition.  In my family a simple game of Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly could get pretty competitive.  Running fills that void of no longer playing sports.  Each race I complete is another opportunity for me to push myself to see what I can do.  When I first started running this was not what I loved the most.  I was always timid with my running and stayed in my comfort zone.  Over the last year I have seen major improvements in my times and that keeps me coming back for more.

Unfortunately, it does not seem as if I will be running today.  My back is still hurting but feels like it is on the mend.  Do me a favor and run an extra mile for me today, okay??

Runners- Why do YOU run?

Nonrunners- Have you ever wanted to be a runner?

17 responses to “I run…

  1. This morning I ran 16 miles for a girl battling cancer who I only know through IG. I ran track in high school. Only started long distance running 3 years ago. Thanks for sharing!

    • Running 16 miles is impressive, and the reason you ran them is so admirable!

  2. Love your last reason.

    I run for those who can’t. I remind myself every time I go for a run that there are so many people who wish they could but cannot (and many who never will be able to).

    • Running is something we often take for granted! I love that the running community puts a big focus on giving back and running for others instead of themselves.

  3. I’m sorry your back is hurting! I hope you feel better soon.
    I can totally relate to so much of this. I’ve long since given up trying to use the bathroom with the door closed. I love her to the ends of the Earth, but sometimes we just need that time to ourselves.

  4. I found your blog through Cori’s link up today:) I have a little guy (he’s 4 months old) so I find it hard to get out and run as much as I would like to. You’re so right- it’s such a fulfilling job, but it comes with the need of some “me-time”. Thank goodness for breastpumps so I can get out for my much needed me time:) Funny thing is, I am always so excited to get back home to him:) Love your blog!

    • I’m glad you found me! 🙂 The older your son gets the easier it will get out for runs! My son refused to take a bottle until he was about 6 months old so I could never be gone long before then.

  5. As a mom of three, I can definitely relate to running for alone time. I love my kids to pieces but enjoy the moments spent running during my ‘me’ time. I hope your back is back to normal soon.

    • Thanks! As much as I need my time with one I can imagine it’s needed times 3 with 3 kids. 🙂

  6. Girl, I have no doubt to run for a little escape. And I would imagine to continue to believe in yourself, that being a mama does not mean that you are any less able/capable/powerful. In fact, I think that so many women sell themselves short by taking that method of thinking. If anything, your body is the bastion of strength! Look what it did! I like strong moms, if you can tell.

    • Ever since become a mom I believe I have become physically and mentally stronger because I know it’s not just myself that depends on me! Shoot, if I can grow a human I can do anything. 🙂

  7. Ha I should have included running to eat dessert! I do really anything for dessert. 🙂 Love all of your reasons and I’m sure when I’m a mom (someday) I’ll really love that alone time.

    • People would be lying if they say they don’t love a guilt free dessert! 🙂

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