The best kind of days

Everything about yesterday was perfect.  The morning started out like every other morning where no matter what time I wake up I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off to get out the door on time.  As we were heading out the door Brice decided that Mr. Horsey needed to come with us for the day.  I am very creative with naming Brice’s toys.

IMG_4146 These were sitting in the kitchen when I got to work.  I snapped this picture and walked right passed them!  When I went to the kitchen at lunch time I did peak in the box and the only one that was left appeared to be a cream filled donut and those disgust me so I stayed away.IMG_4148 After work I went to the gym.  Cross training has been the name of the game for me this week.  The pain in my back is definitely just some very tight muscles.  When I’m up moving around it starts to feel better but then if I have to sit for more than 10 minutes I struggle to get up.  Still heading in the right direction, and if it’s not better by Monday I’ll go for a good massage…. or maybe I’ll just go do that anyway. 🙂IMG_4151 Because of my new work schedule I have been getting off work right around the time that Brice takes his nap.  It’s been really great that I have been able to either go run errands, grocery shop, or go to the gym and it doesn’t take away from the  time I’d be spending with him.  If I picked him up before his nap I would run the chance of him falling asleep in the car and not getting a good nap, or I’d be stuck at the house while he napped and there is only so much cleaning that our house needs.  The funny thing about Brice and this horse is that when we first got it several months ago (it’s a hand-me-down from a friend) Brice was so scared of it that he wouldn’t even look at it.  I had to leave it over at uncle Matt’s house for several weeks to slowly warm Brice up to it.  Now they are the best of friends.IMG_4156 When we got home I decided to try and make mini pineapple upside down cakes.  I had a pineapple at the house that some friends gave us it needed to be used.  I say that I ‘tried’ to make the cakes because they didn’t turn out so well.  I used almond flour instead of all purpose flour and they just didn’t rise or stick together like they should have.  The flavor of the little cakes was delicious but they all ended up being put into one big bowl.IMG_4157 Speaking of Brice and his best friends, Bailey likes Brice even more than she originally did.  Brice got to feed her some peanut butter and now he is her new best friend.IMG_4159 Just a little Thursday night friendly game of corn hole while we wait for dinner to be ready.  This is how every night should be spent- outside, with friends, waiting on good food.IMG_4160 Dinner was a Low Country Boil over at Matt’s house.  This was just the perfect way to set the tone for the many cookouts to come over the summer. IMG_4161 Brice had to go give all the puppy dogs some lovin’.  The crazy boys Banks and Brody had to stay back in their play area otherwise they would have eaten all of our food.  IMG_4164 Yep, 90 degrees at 7:30 in the evening.  Welcome to south Georgia folks. The sad part is that 90 didn’t even feel hot to me after what our afternoons have typically been feeling like.IMG_4165 The only way to eat Low Country Boil is all thrown out on a table and then using your hands.  No utensils allowed for this kinds of stuff.  IMG_4167 Had to cap off the night with a family picture.  Poor lighting and a Lifeproof case REALLY do not get along.  I need to go get a secondary phone case to put my phone into when I know I’ll be taking pictures.


Have you ever had Low Country Boil?  Which of the foods is your favorite (potatoes, sausage, corn or shrimp)?

What kind of backyard games do you play at cookouts?  Have you ever played corn hole or is that just a southern game too?

7 responses to “The best kind of days

  1. OHHHH I love Low Country Boils. LOVE THEM. I love all of the parts. I really want to do a mini one for Alex and me–and then eat all of Alex’s. Whahahahahaha

    • Hahah yes!! Colin and I have done mini ones before and they were so good! Unfortunately he enjoys them as much as me so I has to share.

  2. I’ve never done one with meat, just seafood boils with all kinds of different seafood (crab, shrimp, mussels, etc) and corn. I love seafood so I’m a big fan. Love the pictures of Brice and the puppy 😉

    • I’m still not sure, but it’s looking like I won’t make it. My parents will be out of town that weekend and Colin already has a training weekend planned up in the mountains so I won’t have anyone to watch Brice. I’m still trying to figure something out so hopefully I can go!

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