Workouts of the Week- 6/2 – 6/8

I’m behind on getting a few posts together but that is because we had an unplanned trip this weekend plus lots of Brice time instead of blog time.  I’m not complaining. 🙂  The name of the game for me this week was cross training.  I’ve figured out that the pain I have been feeling in my lower back isn’t being caused by anything in my back.  It’s from two very large knots in both butt cheeks.  I think the cause of it is a combination of how I was sitting in the rocker in Brice’s room last Sunday night plus coughing really hard while sitting the way I was.  I’ve spent some serious time with a lacrosse ball and the foam roller this week and it’s almost worked itself out.  I’ve kept things light this week because 1. I didn’t know why my back was hurting for a few days 2. I didn’t want to do more damage and actually hurt myself and 3. Something big is starting tomorrow and I thought a week of good cross training would prepare me.

Monday- I finally renewed my gym membership after a year and a half of not having one. I decided to see if I still remembered how to swim, and I’m happy to report that I do!  I wasn’t concerned about speed or anything, just getting back in there.  I did 3 sets of 250 yards, and the best part was that when I got out my back didn’t hurt as bad.   Colin did a 2,700 yard swim in the morning with a 40 minute run in the evening.


Tuesday- Since swimming made my back feel better I started to think the pain in my back was related to my hips.  I wanted to see how cycling made it feel. I cycled for an easy 30 minutes, and once again it eased the pain! Colin had an 1:10 bike ride with several intervals built in.


Wednesday-  I’m very annoyed about how Wednesday went down.  I packed my bag in the morning so I could go swim immediately after work. When I left work and started heading to the gym I realized I left my bag at home.  i went home and then rushed to the gym so I could squeeze in a swim before going to get Brice.  When I got to the gym the pool was closed!!!  I wish they had given some notice (like when I was there on Monday??) that the pool would be closed all day because I could have stayed home and cycled.  So Wednesday was an unplanned rest day. At least Colin’s workout went well.  He did a brick workout that was about an 1:15 bike with 45 min bike.

Thursday- Since I did not get to swim the day before I wanted to go back.  This time I paid attention to form and time instead of just swimming.  I did a 200 yard warm up, 200 yard just kicking, 200 yard just pulling.  I then swam 500 yards for time to get a baseline to see where I am.  I’m not pleased with the time, but what can I expect for not swimming since October of 2012??  I had some time to kill before Brice would wake up from his nap so I headed upstairs and got on the spin spike for an easy 15 minutes.  40 minutes of running plus core work for Colin.


Friday- Kathryn came with me to the pool!  I have no idea how far or how long we swam, but I’m thinking I did about 1000 yards.  We did a few drills to start to get her used to proper breathing techniques.  After those I did 3 sets of 200 yards. Colin also swam today, but his was a little longer than mine. 🙂


Saturday- I wanted to wake up earlier than I did, but I was just too cozy in my bed.  I finally forced myself out of bed and cycled for exactly 30 minutes.  I wanted to go longer but right as I hit 30 minutes a little man popped his head around the corner to let me know he was awake.  After cycling I quickly made Brice some breakfast and while he was eating I got on the treadmill.  I ran my one and only mile for the week!!  The good thing is that it was completely pain free.  A much more intense 56 miles on the bike followed up with 6 mile run!


From my instagram

Sunday- I really wanted to get out for a run but things like cleaning, naps, and a birthday party were also on the schedule so those were prioritized.  I did manage to get a solid core workout in though.  Colin was actually granted an off day this week so it made it much easier for me to take an off day too!!

The next 10 days of training for Colin is going to be very intense.  No rest days for him!!  My training will steadily be increasing and more details on that to come tomorrow!!

Do you take a full rest day every week?

How were your workouts last week?

11 responses to “Workouts of the Week- 6/2 – 6/8

  1. I’m 40… can’t keep up with father time =). On my marathon training, I have 2 full rest days. Truth – on the rest days I actually try to swim or get some kind of non leg strength training in. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, what a great week! I take one full rest day, but it usually includes a long walk with the pup, morning stretches/yoga or a fun bike ride with my husband. I love to move even if it isn’t for time, goals or a have-to.

  3. Your pool pictures are making me miss swimming! The closest gym with a pool is 20 minutes away and it’s not always the cleanest : (

    I did a killer leg workout last Thursday that left me sore through Sunday morning – whoops!

    • haha that’s why I hate doing hard leg workouts. I suffer for days! As an alumni I can still go to our Rec center and their pool is very nice!

  4. Unfortunately I take 3 rest days every week. Working out before or after working a 12 hour shift makes me not as on top of my job, so I rarely do it. If I do, it is usually a quick little workout that doesn’t do much but help my body remember the motions of things.

    • My hat goes off to you for working 12 hour shifts!! When I worked at a hospital one of our therapists kept a pedometer on her and she used to walk like 2 miles during her shift.

      • I had a student with me one day that wore one and we almost got to 4 miles. I wish that surprised me but it didn’t…. no wonder my feet always hurt!

    • Life happens so those unplanned rest days sneak up on us. You still exercise more than most people so don’t beat yourself up!

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