Giving it a tri

April 2012 was the last triathlon I competed in.  Two weeks later I participated in my first and last duathlon.  A few weeks after that I found out I was pregnant and my bicycle was put up on the shelf out of fear I would fall and somehow break the baby.  Over the last two years, every time I have watched Colin race I have experienced serious race envy.


Yep, that’s the technical definition.  I was able to handle it during the 2012 season because I was pregnant and I was okay with putting triathlons on hold.  I was still running and swimming but knew that I should not be pushing myself the way I would if I was actually in a race. Race season of 2013 rolled around and it started getting hard for me to just spectate.  It was then that I decided to just focus on my running.  That satisfied me for the time being.  I ran, I got several PRs, but when race season 2014 rolled around just running wasn’t enough.  However, when I started thinking about triathlons I realized there were several things that I had forgotten about.

I forgot about the chafing.  All of the chafing, all over, in the weirdest spots you could possibly imagine.  You can’t see it here but that wetsuit rubbed the back of my neck raw.  It was terrible.20140610-095629.jpg

I forgot about what would happen to my feet.  I’m pretty sure at this point of the run I was down to 9 toenails and up to 5 callouses.


I forgot about the spandex.  No matter how fit you feel, spandex doesn’t allow for anything to hide.


I forgot about the discomfort.  Bike shorts are all good and well but tri shorts don’t really allow for much cushion between your end and the bike seat.


What I did not forget is that feeling you get after finishing a triathlon, especially when you win your age group.


With that being said I’m excited to announce that I will be taking part in the Jax Tri Series Race #3 on August 9!!  That gives me two months from yesterday to train, plenty of time!  If you have seen my training for the last two weeks this may not come as a surprise as you would have seen that I have been getting on my bike and back in the pool.  I have watched Colin do this race (well parts of the series) over the last 2 years and I am SO excited to do it myself.  I’m only doing the sprint which is a .25 mile swim, 16 mile bike and a 3 mile run.  The course is great because they always make the swim go with the current, the bike is very flat, and most of the run is shaded.  I’m still working on my training plan now and will give more details when it’s all worked out.  Wish me luck over these next 9 weeks!!

What are you currently training for?

What kind of event/race makes you nervous to try?

9 responses to “Giving it a tri

    • haha it’s sad but true. I had a bad fall on my bike the year before and it scarred me physically and psychologically for awhile.

    • You could totally do one!! We LOOOVE the Augusta 70.3. I did that one back in 2011 and my husband did it that year and 2012. Sadly it is the same weekend as his full Ironman or we would totally be there again.

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