Workouts of the Week – 06/09 – 06/15

My intentions were to write and post this yesterday morning but instead I made Colin a breakfast! It WAS Father’s Day after all. 🙂

Monday- I was dying to go running. My butt/back was feeling better and I wanted to test out my new shoes on the road. I got home and all my gadgets were dead!!! So I plugged everything in (phone, watch, and headphones) and got on my bike. I did a 35 minute ride then went out and ran a mile when everything was charged.  Colin did a 2,800 yard swim plus an hour ride.

Tuesday- I went to the pool to do a swim test. I warmed up, did a few drills and then swam 500 yards for time. I used Colin’s watch so I would be able to see my lap slips. Followed that up with a cool down for 1200 total yards. Colin did a 50 minute run test so he warmed up on the treadmill then did the test and cool down outside.

Wednesday- I attempted to do speed work in the afternoon. I didn’t do the workout I wanted to do bit I ended up doing a 1 mile warm up, then at 5k pace: 400, 600, 400, 600, 200, all with 400 yards recovery in between, then just a cool down to get back to the house.  Total of 4 miles averaging 8:2x (I can’t remember exactly) Colin did a 2,750 swim with a short brick workout.


Top row: Dead gadgets, after my short brick, swim test Bottom row: Colin’s run test, trying to cool off in the water fountain, not every run goes as planned!

Thursday- Colin and I did abs together and then I got on the trainer.  I did a 5 minute easy spinning warm up then did 10 x 2min hard, 1 min easy with a 5 minute cool down for a total of 40 minutes. Colin also did a 2 hour ride with a friend that evening.

Friday- Colin and I had a swim date during lunch time on Friday.  I did 5 x 200 yards and my goal was to come in around 3:50-3:55 on all of them.  Colin got there before me and did a 2,600 yard workout plus drills. I was going to do more but we cut it short so we could go have a lunch date before getting Brice. 🙂

Saturday- I needed to go run and unfortunately the only time I had to run was around 2 pm.  I thought about getting on the treadmill but our garage was just as hot as it was outside.  I did 4 miles at: 8:32, 8:32, 8:32, & 8:30 very consistent! It was tough but I’m glad I did it. Before I left for my run Colin looked at me and said “ohhh, you’re colorful.”  If you can’t decide on which color to wear, just wear them all!  Colin did a LONG 70 mile ride followed up with a short run early in the morning.

Sunday- My plan was to do an easy 30 minute recovery spin but we washed our bikes instead.  I did get in a very good core workout though! Colin had a long run to follow up on his long bike the day before.


What is your favorite type of run to do: Speed work, tempo, long/easy or other?

Would you rather go for a run, go swimming, or cycle?

4 responses to “Workouts of the Week – 06/09 – 06/15

  1. I like to hit cruise control and just drive. IE Long runs. LOVE them. Which is funny, if you consider my personality in general.
    Great job this week! You battled, and in my opinion, as always were victorious.

    • You’re too kind! That’s funny how your personality doesn’t always reflect your running preferences. I’m much more laid back and have been loving speed work lately.

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