Random World Cup Ramblings

First off- GO USA!!!  What a great way to start the World Cup! Colin and I went over to our friends’ house last night to watch the game and it got me thinking about how different our 2014 World Cup experience is compared to the 2010 World Cup.  Before I get into that I need to have a little venting session….

I’m not a soccer fan, nor have I ever played soccer.  I don’t think that one season when I was like 8 counts.  No, I don’t follow any soccer team throughout the year.  I could probably name 2, 3 at the most, players on the USA team.  BUT when the World Cup rolls around every 4 years you better bet that I am going to cheer for USA!  I’m so tired of seeing posts on Facebook such as: “Can’t wait to see how many soccer fans there are now” or “I love seeing all these bandwagon soccer fans.”  Why shouldn’t everyone be cheering for their home country during the World Cup?  I don’t follow 10% of the athletes that are in the Olympics, so does that mean we shouldn’t cheer for the USA??  ::end rant::

World Cup 2010- Location: South Africa  Our location: Cape Town, South Africa

When we moved to South Africa we didn’t even think about the World Cup.  One of the stadiums was located in Cape Town so we were able to watch the progress as they built it.  This picture is from July of 2009.

IMG_4329[1]This one is from June 2010 when the World Cup was in full swing.  When pre-sale tickets for South African citizens were happening, we didn’t care to get in to the lottery to get tickets.  That is one thing we probably regret.  By the time we decided we wanted to go to a game tickets were just too expensive.   IMG_4330[1]

This didn’t stop us from wearing our South Africa gear!  Every Friday, the whole country wore their yellow shirts and jerseys in support of South Africa.  My employer bought everyone a t-shirt and this is still one of my favorite shirts!   The atmosphere in the country was such an amazing feeling.  Colin and I would frequently go down to the area called the Waterfront and watch games.  I will never forget the moment during the World Cup opening match between South Africa and Mexico when South Africa scored the first goal of the tournament.  The second Tshabalala kicked the ball everything went silent followed immediately by the loudest cheering I have EVER heard in my life.At my work we also had a bracket going where everyone drew a name out of a hat and whichever team you picked was your team for the rest of the tournament.  At the end, the winning team got a prize.  Out of all the teams possible I drew USA!!  Everyone laughed and thought it was completely appropriate.  We also had a day at work where we could dress up to support our favorite team.  I took the risk of getting beat up and dressed proudly in my red, white and blue.  Then I quickly changed into my yellow shirt to head downtown to watch a game. 🙂

One thing that I absolutely do not miss about our time during the 2010 World Cup was the vuvuzela’s.  If you watched 5 seconds of the World Cup you know what I am talking about.  Just in case you don’t I have included a video below.  We heard this noise about 20 hours a day for the entire month.  There was a viewing center (a stadium where they had huge projectors showing the games so people could get together to watch) about a quarter mile from our apartment.  Those vuvuzela’s were so loud we could not fall asleep at night.

I’ll never forget the 2010 World Cup final because that is the day that Colin and I left South Africa.  Plane tickets were extra cheap because no one wanted to leave that day!

World Cup 2014- Location: Brazil  Our location: south Georgia

As I said, our friends invited us over to their house to watch the game.  We put on our red, white, and blue and Colin pulled out all his USA gear. 🙂

IMG_4322[1]4 couples and 4 boys (ages 3.5, 22 months, 21 months, and 16 months) hanging out watching the game.   IMG_4317[1]Immediately after the game we headed home because it was bed time.  There were no loud horns, other than the train, being blown keeping us up.  There is no national Yellow (or red white and blue) Shirt Friday.  There is no electrifying atmosphere.  That the difference that location and 4 years can make!

Do you keep up with soccer year-round?  Or more of an every 4 years?

Did you watch the game last night?

Where were you 4 years ago?

6 responses to “Random World Cup Ramblings

  1. I cannot even begin to imagine the madness of watching the World Cup in South Africa. HOLY BALLS. Literally. That is like the Super Bowl every single day. Woof. 4 years ago, when the WC was last on, I was living in Jamaica! They take their footie pretty seriously there, and we (the US) were a big deal, so it made it pretty interesting. It was fun watching it on the beach in a broken ish Tiki hut thing drinking a Red Stripe 😉

    • Mmmm Red Stripe. I think being in a country that makes a big deal about the sport makes you want to watch it more.

  2. I am not a soccer fan, like at all. But I was excited to see USA beat Ghana the other night (I was also glad that the game was over, so I could steal the TV back from my fiance). Even though soccer bores me to death and I don’t want to watch it on TV, I’ll gladly support out team. Now, if I got to go to the World Cup in person, I’m sure it would be a completely different experience!

    • Most sports are more exciting in person! haha I agree- I was happy to cheer for USA but was not sad when the game was over. 🙂

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