Workouts of the Week 6/16 – 6/22 + Detox results

Last week I attempted to do a 7-day Sugar Detox.  From the standpoint of the detox it didn’t go so well.  From an overall health point of view I’d say it was a success.  Did I completely remove sugar from my diet?  No, but it did make me much more conscious about how much sugar I am eating.  The first three days went really well and I had very low sugar intake.  Physically I didn’t feel any different.  I eat a very well balanced diet so some sugar here and there is not going to have a negative impact on me.  This ‘detox’ just helped me become more aware of sugars hiding in foods so that I can make smarter, more informed choices!


My workouts last week weren’t the best in comparison to the previous weeks but I did mix things up a little bit! Plus I accidentally took two rest days.  Colin also had an easy week leading up to his race on Saturday.


Monday- On the indoor trainer I did a 5 minute easy spinning warm up followed by 12 x 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy with a 4 minute easy spinning cool down.  I stayed entertained by watching Just Go with It.  I’m not a fan of watching movies several times but for some reason this is one of the few that I can enjoy over and over! Colin only had to do a core workout plus 30 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday- I swam 1500 yards.  I warmed up did some drills, then did a 500 yard swim for time and unfortunately my time had not improved from the previous week.  At least I’m not getting slower!!  I took Colin’s watch with me to time myself but then when I went to turn it on, it was dead.  I did a good core workout when I got home too.  Colin ran 45 minutes and swam 45 minutes.  It’s crazy that those are now his short workouts!

Wednesday- I really wanted to do speed work.  I woke up extra early to run when it was still cool outside, but Brice also woke up extra early so I didn’t get to go.  By the time I got off work it was boiling hot outside and the thought of speed work on the treadmill sounded terrible.  I did a cardio circuit at the gym instead and wowzers, that is a killer workout!  I’m going to do a separate post just on that workout soon.  I ended up running 4 miles by the time I finished.  Colin did a brick workout consisting of a 45 minute bike and a 30 minute run.  He kept it pretty easy going the whole time.

Thursday- Unplanned rest day.  I worked late and then had to run by my old job to help them out.  Plus, we were having friends over for dinner so I couldn’t do anything when I got home.  These days happen! Colin was able to get his swim in though! 1,700 yards with several drills mixed in.

Friday- Off day for the both of us!  I wanted to get in a swim since I didn’t on Thursday but there just wasn’t time for that.

Saturday- I ran 3.65 miles as the sun came up.  I was wanting to run closer to 5 miles but I started 15 minutes later than planned so I had to cut it short because Colin’s race was going to start.  I ran about another half a mile right after his race started so I got a little over 4 for the day.  Colin did SOOO awesome in his Olympic distance race.  I’m working on a recap of the day!

Sunday- I finally got on my bike OUTSIDE!!!  Colin was supposed to do an easy recovery ride so I tagged along.  We took advantage of having the grandparents with us and rode 11 miles.  It wasn’t fast but it was fun!!!  We rode through a State Park so it was nice and shaded.  This ride reminded me of why I love cycling so much! I also did a nice core workout later in the day but it was cut short because of a little monkey that kept climbing on my back. 🙂

What is your favorite circuit style workout?

How many days a week do you do core work?

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