Take me Back!

Y’all, blogging has been on the back burner for me lately.  I’ve got all kinds of posts floating around in my head but have not had time to sit down and write them.  I even have a post to write about why I don’t have time to sit and write!  Even my blog reading has slacked off.  I can’t stand when I open my Blog Lovin’ and it tells me I have 1, 483 posts unread.  Time to get to work!  I usually catch up on the weekends but here is how my weekend (including Thursday night) was spent.

We had some friend’s over for dinner so after dinner we took the boys (both big and small) so they could play.  The big one’s threw some discs <– do not call them Frisbees! around while the little ones were on the playground.

IMG_4349[1] Brice can now climb all the way up the play set and come down the slide all by himself!  He prefers to come down face first instead of on his booty.IMG_4346[1]Then on Friday, after several changes of Brice’s clothing (we won’t get into that…) we were finally off to the beach.  Tuna, blackened fish sandwich and grilled shrimp for dinner! When you’re at the beach seafood is a must.

IMG_4412[1]Followed up dinner with a stroll around the yachts to dream a bit.  It must be nice to have a humongous boat that you can sit on and have this view. I picked one out and Colin said he would buy it for me, he just didn’t say when. 🙂IMG_4417[1]My mom was with us so I was able to go for an early morning run on Saturday before Colin’s race.  This view looks like home to me and makes me miss it a lot.  The smell of the marsh and the salty ocean air has a special place in my heart. IMG_4357[1]The rest of the morning was spent running around watching this guy race.  I actually got some decent pictures this time so I’m working on a race recap along with the 20 other posts I’m working on. IMG_4419[1]Our afternoon was spent in the pool.  Brice has absolutely no fear when it comes to the water.  It’s amazing and scary at the same time!  I can’t wait for July 6th to get here when he starts his survival swim course!! He’ll jump right into the pool without a second thought.  IMG_4396[1]We attempted to get a family picture in the pool and this is the best we could do.  I have about 6 other pictures similar to the 3 on the left. IMG_4399[1]Dinner was so good the first night that my mom requested that we eat it again!   We ordered several different things so that we could all try pretty much the whole menu.IMG_4361[1]Then on Sunday we took full advantage of having grandparents around.  Colin’s parents were also there so they played with Brice while my mom went for a walk on the beach and Colin and I took the bikes out.   IMG_4368[1]

I wish that every weekend could be spent this way.  I love this little beach town that we go to and lucky for me we will be going back in July AND August!! 🙂

Do you have a favorite weekend getaway?

What time of day do you read/write blog posts most frequently?


4 responses to “Take me Back!

  1. It always gives me anxiety when I open Bloglovin and see over 100 posts to catch up on. I just can’t. But living your life is soooo much more important than catching up with blogging. Otherwise, what would we blog about? : )

    • I have a love/hate relationship with the ‘mark all as read’ button. That’s a good perspective to have- if I wasn’t busy living life I wouldn’t have anything to babble on about!

  2. I need that restaurant in my life. Like now. Like yesterday today and forever. It looks like my heaven. And your son, face first down the slide, why not? Just hope he doesn’t try Skeleton….

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