Thoughtless Thursday – South Africa: Cape Town Part 2

I’ve talked about our time in Kruger, along the Garden Route, the Southernmost region, and our first few days in Cape Town. So in as few words as possible (i’m going to overload you with pictures) I will tell you about our next two days.  We woke up really early, that was a regular occurrence for our trip, and headed towards the Cape of Good Hope.  The reason we woke up early was so we could have breakfast at the cutest restaurant along the way.  The further south we got the foggier it was.  We quickly realized that this was not an ideal day for going to the Cape of Good Hope, but it was the only day we had to go.   IMG_3343 IMG_3347 IMG_3350As you can tell Brice was THRILLED to be riding the Flying Dutchman Funicular. (<– you can’t make that name up)  If it had been a pretty day we would have hiked up to the top but the weather just wasn’t cooperating with us.DSCN3866If you look through the mist you can see the ocean and what is a beautiful view on a clear day. DSCN3867 DSCN3874 DSCN3875After we were done getting wet at he Cape of Good Hope we needed food.  Colin knew of an amazing restaurant that wasn’t too far away so we headed there.  This was hands down the best meal of our trip!  We all had appetizers, amazing seafood, some wine,  dessert, and coffee and our bill was only about $80.  That’s 4 people (plus a baby) stuffing their face with the best quality seafood and wine for $80, that is insanely cheap!IMG_3355 IMG_3358DSCN3877After eating it was time to go to one of my favorite places.  Boulder Beach!!!  This is where the penguins live.  They have built a walkway over and around the penguins so that people do not disturb their natural habitat.   DSCN3879Itty bitty baby penguins.  It was hard to get a picture of them because the railing was in the way so that’s why this one is a bit blurry.  This baby was still sitting up under it’s mama. (or dad?) DSCN3883This is a true statement.  I have been bitten by a penguin before.  Not here at Boulder Beach but another area in South Africa. DSCN3884 DSCN3886 DSCN3893 DSCN3901 DSCN3905This is some proof that we actually did go to South Africa for a wedding.  After playing with the penguins we rushed (rushing and waking up early happened every day, we just got used to being late everywhere we went) back to our apartment so we could get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  We dropped Matt and Kat off so they could go on a date while we did wedding duties. DSCN3926The next morning we wanted to eat breakfast at this cute restaurant right on the beach, but they didn’t open until 9.  What breakfast place opens that late??  I was getting hangry by this point so luckily we quickly found a place with a view.  My breakfast was delicious and huge, but just what I needed! IMG_3371 IMG_3378After breakfast was over we had an appointment at the Mount Nelson for tea.  Yes, fancy hold out your pinky, drink it out of fine china tea.  This is something people always tell you is a must-do, but we didn’t really understand why.  It was such a unique experience that I highly recommend!  Plus you get to pretend like you’re all fancy while there.IMG_3381 IMG_3384 IMG_3391 IMG_3396 IMG_3399 We didn’t realize that with our tea they were going to be bringing us two two-tiered platters of sandwiches and treats! Naturally, we tried them all because we couldn’t let such beautiful food go to waste!  After tea we drove right around the corner to sea the view from Signal Hill.  Someone was a little bit tired. IMG_3406 IMG_3412 IMG_3414This picture is getting blown up onto a canvas and hung in our living room ASAP. IMG_3420 After enjoying the view for awhile we then drove over to the Rhodes Memorial.  You can go read more about Cecil Rhodes but basically he helped shape Southern Africa in to the place it is today.IMG_3422

From there we made another quick drive over to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. This garden is huge and beautiful.  When Colin and I lived in Cape Town we went to a Christmas concert here that was a lot of fun.  We walked around for awhile and let Brice burn off some energy by chasing all the birds around.




We ate lunch there and they bring out a pitcher of water for you to wash your hands before eating.  They also do some traditional face painting, but we decided to keep our faces clean that day. 🙂IMG_3434 IMG_3443Brice passed out again (you can see his pretty little head between our beers) so we had to kill some time before going to the aquarium.  We decided to sit down and relax and drink some locally brewed beer. IMG_3445Once Brice woke up it was back to exploring!!  I really wanted to take him to the aquarium, and I’m so glad he did.  He loved looking at all the fish!  The funny thing now is that I kept calling saying “hey fishy” and now instead of saying ‘fish’ Brice will say “sheee”




We ended the night by going to dinner with the very first friends that we made in South Africa!  It was so great to see them and catch up on everything going on in their lives. It was a full day of eating delicious food and soaking in nature!

IMG_3486 IMG_3488

What is the longest vacation you have ever been on?

When on vacation do you plan your day around your meals, or your meals around your day?? In SA there were several days we had to plan our day around our meals. 🙂

9 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday – South Africa: Cape Town Part 2

  1. Penguins! I’ve never seen them in their natural habit in person. I would probably run up and try to pet one…and then get bit. Thanks for sharing your vacation photos! I’m officially putting South Africa on my ‘must-see’ list.

  2. I cannot get over these posts. I have to go there. Tell Alex. NOW. I would say that we (Alex and I) plan according to what we know we will want to do, and yes, food, activity, and exercise are big parts of that–so we just make traveling, food, fun, and exercise one and the same! But you bet that it is my job to find the restaurants, and I take GREAT pride 😀
    I would pet the penguins anyway. I don’t care if they bite.

    • So I’ll plan on y’all joining us on our next trip to SA?? Getting bit by a penguin makes for a pretty good story, so it’s worth it.

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    • I think the little guy was lost and I was just trying to bring him home with me! I’m just thankful they don’t have teeth. 🙂

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