This Girl Is Funny  <– just kidding!  Funny is one word I would never actually use to describe myself.  Well, funny-haha would not apply, but funny-weird might work.


This has been a long and tiresome week for me.  We switched gears with sleep training Brice this week because our first (or 15th I can’t keep track) approach was not working.  I am VERY happy to say that he woke up only once last night, ONCE! and was back asleep within a matter of a few minutes.  There were a few days this week where I thought if I blinked too long I might fall asleep at my desk. I have my fingers crossed that the current method keeps working well and that by the end of next week he’ll be sleeping all night long.


I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need to go ahead and make Thursday my rest day. It seems that something always happens that keeps me from working out on Thursdays.  Yesterday when I woke up I was in the mood to do speed work, I know, crazy.  So before leaving for work I throw together a bag so that I can go do my awesome circuit workout at the gym when I leave work.  Before I even left the house I had that feeling like I forgot something.  While I was driving I realized I didn’t put a water bottle in my bag, but no big deal I could get a bottle of water at work and just used that.  Once I got to work it hit me, my sports bra, that’s what I forgot to pack!  I could have packed the wrong shoes, a cotton t-shirt, and horribly clashing pair of shorts and still done my work out.  Unfortunately (some may say fortunately??) not having a sports bra is a total no-go on the working out for me.


So then I start thinking ‘okay, if I rush home, get my sports bra, rush to the gym, I’ll still have time to get in a quick workout before I go get Brice’ and at about that point my boss walks in and asks if I want to go to lunch.  When you’ve been at your job for one month and the ladies (all 4 of us) in the office want to go to lunch, you don’t say no.  Plus you shouldn’t say no to a free meal.  So we go to lunch and eat and it was all good and fun but I was quickly reminded why I don’t like this particular restaurant very much.  My stomach was left hurting for the next several hours.  I was still optimistic that I would get to go for a run even if it wasn’t speed work.  When I picked Brice up his daycare teachers informed me that he napped for a whole 30 minutes.  This was good and bad in my mind.  Bad because Brice can get rather clingy/whiny when he doesn’t nap well, but good because I was hopeful that I could get him to nap when we got home and I could get on the treadmill!  Side note: Colin was out doing a long training ride so I knew he wouldn’t get home until just before dinner time.  The nap didn’t happen, but Brice was surprisingly in a good mood for sleeping so little!  Then I thought that maybe I’ll take him for a run in the stroller and that would put him to sleep PLUS I’d get my run in.

IMG_4438[1]He climbs right on in to his stroller, he has his snack, water, and his shades on so I thought YES, I’m good to go.  Then we get outside and it’s a million degrees and he lasts all of .15 miles before he starts squirming and fussing.  I don’t blame him, according to The Weather Channel it felt like it was 99 degrees outside so running probably wouldn’t have gone so well for me.  Oh well, can’t say that I didn’t try!  I’m making another attempt to do my circuit workout today so fingers crossed things work out!

What are your weekend plans?

What do you consider ‘too hot’ to run outside?  Or too cold if you live up north/west! 

7 responses to “T.G.I.F!

  1. I can’t run in heat. My body just physically shuts down. I like running in the cold as long as I’m properly dressed. I always warm up quick anyways.

    Is it sad that when I say your Friday picture I automatically got that awful “Friday” song stuck in my head??

    • hahah my evil plan worked. 🙂 I thought the same thing and it’s been stuck in my head ever since!

  2. Can we also make a “TGIF! Oh wait I’m a blogger. And a runner.” ecard? I think that would be boss 😉 It is warm today (and sunny, though I am inside) and then supposed to pour all weekend while my best friend and her boyfriend are here. WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYYY

    • Yes!! Somehow I always wake up earlier on the weekends than I do during the week! Looks like it’s time to pull out your rain jackets and galoshes for their city tour!

    • I’m still comfortable around 90 (as long as I’m properly hydrated) but the temps are pushing into the high 90s which I’m not comfortable with 😦

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